Noida, July 23, 2022 :The School organised the Orientation Day for the parents of newly admitted students (classes Nursery -11th) in the School Auditorium.

The day started with a floral tribute to our Founder Chairman, Dr. Stya Paul Ji. Vice Principal, Ms. Amrita Hajela accorded a warm welcome to the guests and the parents. The dance performance was widely appreciated as the auditorium reverberated with the thunderous applause of the spectators. Education officer, Apeejay Education Mr. D.K. Bedi spoke about the value system and the ethos of the School.

A counselling session was conducted by the well-known counsellor - Dr. Geetanjali Kumar. After the session Principal, Mr. AK Sharma took the parents through a virtual tour of the School and its ideologies. He apprised the audience with the dynamic leadership of Chairperson and President Madam Sushma Paul Berlia, under whose guidance the institution has been scaling new heights.

Noida, July 8, 2022 :This was a very special day at Apeejay School, Noida as it marked the 98th Birth Anniversary of Smt. Rajeshwari Paul ji, the First Lady of the Apeejay Stya Group and beloved wife of Dr. Stya Paul Ji, inspiration behind all Apeejay Education institutions. Smt. Rajeshwari Paul Ji, the epitome of values, was fondly and reverently remembered by all the faculty and staff members. Heartfelt floral tributes and prayers were offered to this great soul in a commemorative ceremony in the auditorium.

Principal, Mr. AK Sharma shared the message from President Madam, Sushma Paul Berlia, wherein she highlighed the unique role and personality of Smt. Rajeshwari Paul Ji.

Smt. Rajeshwari Paul Ji was a postgraduate in English, also adept at Swimming, Music and Kathak dance. She celebrated various forms of art throughout her life and stood for the same when they were not valued much in India. She advocated art and introduced arts into the curriculum. Rajeshwari Paul Kala Sangam, the inter school art and music competition has been instituted in her memory.

A plethora of performances were organised like the presentation of instrumental music, dance and a Nukkad Natak by the Primary Department. Creative expressions by the students of the Primary Department were put up on display in an art exhibition.

Noida, June 21, 2022: Yoga, the priceless heritage of ancient India, has been globally recognised and embraced as a powerful holistic tool to preserve and strengthen the physical, mental and spiritual well-being, the practice becoming even more valuable and relevant in the light of the stressful and fast life.

In keeping with this year’s theme ‘Yoga for Humanity’, the school celebrated the 8th International Yoga Day with a plethora of activities from June 14 – 21, 2022.

‘Yoga on Chair’ a special workshop was organised on June 14, 2022 for teachers to learn some breathing exercises and yoga while at work. The students from Interact Club, Apeejay School NOIDA, performed a Nukkad Natak on June 15, 2022 spread awareness about yoga and it’s importance for each. It was uploaded on the YouTube and the school website.

June 18, 2022 was designated to learn the various steps of Surya namaskar by the staff, to strengthen muscles, joints and reduce stress. An online quiz was organised for students of classes 5-9 to enrich their knowledge about fitness, yoga and health on June 19, 2022.

Pranayama, is a series of breathing exercises developed by ancient yogis for purification of the body and for the control and cultivation of energy. A workshop for basic pranayama for teachers was organized on June 20, 2922 via zoom platform to bring serenity to nerves and increase oxygen in the body.

The Yoga week culminated on June 21, 2022. The event saw an overwhelming participation from students, parents and teachers. The program began with offering prayer to the Almighty, followed by a perfect display of various yoga asanas by the students. The enthusiastic gathering also practised pranayama and meditation under the tutelage and guidance of our yoga instructor, Ms. Savita Gupta. Step by step instructions were given for each asana along with their benefits to allow participants to consciously experience all the yoga asanas. A video demonstrating various yoga formations was also presented by the students.

Our mentors briefed the participants about the benefits of Yoga and how it enhances our quest for a healthier and happier life, mentioning that the ancient practice of yoga focuses on idealizing concordance between mind, body and soul so that we can bring out the best of our capabilities.

Regular practice of yoga will surely help our students achieve a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022: A special assembly was organised on the school premises to commemorate the 12th Punya Tithi of our beloved father-figure and Founder Chairman, Dr Stya Paul ji, a renowned philanthropist, educationist and visionary par excellence.

Mr N.N. Nayyar, Senior Education Officer, Apeejay Education, Mr AK Sharma, Principal, Ms Amrita Hajela Vice Principal and Ms Smriti Samuel, Primary In-charge, paid heartfelt floral tributes to Dr Stya Paul ji. Teaching and non-teaching staff also joined this momentous occasion to pay their obeisance. Homage was paid to the great soul through the rendition of his favourite, soulful bhajans.

Esteemed Mr Nayyar, shared his valuable experiences and gave insights into the simple and meaningful life of Dr Stya Paul ji. The Principal reiterated that Dr Stya Paul ji was a true Karmayogi; an epitome of indomitable spirit, hard work and excellence. He asserted that Dr Stya Paul ji’s vision and lasting legacy will continue to inspire and motivate the Apeejay fraternity to uphold the cherished ideals, values and mission that Dr Stya Paul ji stood for and exemplified in his life.

The Apeejay Noida fraternity pledged to continue walking the path shown by this great visionary.