Noida, July 18, 2021: The Primary Department of Apeejay School, Noida observed The National Reading/ Digital Reading Month Celebrations from 19th June 2021 to 18th July 2021 in honour of Shri P.N. Panicker, the father of the Library and Literacy Movement in Kerala.

The celebrations started as a Reading Day Celebration on 19th June 1996 by the Govt. of Kerala along with P.N. Panicker Foundation. It has become a mass movement to promote the culture of reading to inculcate reading habits and promote book-mindedness among school children, youth as well as the underprivileged population of the country. This year marks the silver jubilee year or the 25th edition of the celebrations.

The 26th P.N. Panicker National Reading Month Celebrations were held virtually despite the COVID-19 pandemic spread. Several activities were planned for the students to celebrate National Reading Month, some of which included storytelling sessions, online reading activities, riddles, tongue twisters, quizzes, etc. The students greatly benefitted from these activities and participated in the enrichment sessions with immense enthusiasm.

Noida, June 29, 2021: In a bid to promote values such as sharing and caring, respect, facing challenges, and doing our best, Apeejay School, NOIDA launched the Awakening Programme in collaboration with Ramakrishna Mission on June 29, 2021.

As part of this programme, the third session was conducted on July 20, 2021, in Classes I - V at 8:30 am. The first value of ‘Sharing and Caring’ was taken forward. In the previous session, children were encouraged to ponder about ‘garbage segregation’, its importance, and relevance.

In today’s session, the children discussed and shared their views on ‘garbage segregation' and how it helps in making their community cleaner and greener. They even showcased posters that they had designed to create awareness about this issue. Further, the class was divided into groups and the kids were encouraged to discuss and share their thoughts regarding our community helpers. The children shared several anecdotes on how community helpers are an integral part of our lives and play a great role in making our lives easy.

Another activity was conducted in class through which children expressed their gratitude towards some community helpers by making ‘thank you’ cards for them.

The session concluded with a discussion on how we can help our community helpers further. The students were encouraged to collect used toys (in good condition) from their homes and their neighbours with parents’ guidance and to make arrangements to give the toys to a nearby Balwadi, children’s hospital, or any other institution.

Noida, June 29, 2021: To promote values such as sharing and caring, respect, facing challenges, and doing our best, Apeejay School, NOIDA launched the Awakening Programme for Classes I to V, in collaboration with Ramakrishna Mission on June 29, 2021.

Today, this programme has reached more than 5,500 schools from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and has influenced more than 10 lakh students. The tremendous appeal and success of the program resulted in a majority of the stakeholders demanding a similar programme for primary school children. This gave birth to ‘Awakening’, a 5-year program for Primary School students (Classes I to V).

This is a feeder programme for the Awakened Citizen Programme, since it is also built on the same set of values, which forms the foundation of ACP. For Primary School, age-appropriate stories are used as the main tool. These are supported by activities that reinforce the values, both at school and home. Thus, when students listen to the stories, participate vigorously in the discussions, and then carry out activities both at school and at home, these life-transforming values get permanently embedded in their hearts. Young children learn to understand the consequences of their actions and understand why and how they can choose what is best for them and society. This programme is in alignment with the National Education Policy and would serve as the foundation for its implementation.

As part of this programme, the first session was conducted in classes I to V at 8:30 am. The sessions were facilitated by the teachers and each class was joined by a resource person from Ramakrishna Mission. The first value of ‘Sharing and Caring’ was vicariously developed in students via storytelling. Multiple questions were asked and activities were conducted in classes as per the predefined manual, to track the awakening journey of the children and to thereby empower them to manifest their infinite potential.

The teachers, via the 'Awakening', will try to influence children at an early stage by evoking their feelings and enabling them to think with empathy. The use of story narratives and activities in this programme aims to encourage the child to think, speak & act freely and thereby aid in their socio-emotional development. <>

Noida, June 21, 2021: Yoga, the priceless heritage of ancient India, has been globally recognised and embraced as a powerful holistic tool to preserve and strengthen the physical, mental and spiritual well-being, the practice becoming even more valuable and relevant in the light of the ongoing pandemic.

In keeping with this year’s theme ‘Be with Yoga, Be at Home’, the school celebrated the 7th International Yoga Day via Zoom meeting. The event saw overwhelming participation from students, parents, and teachers.

The program began with offering prayer to the Almighty, followed by a perfect display of various Yoga asanas by the students. The enthusiastic gathering also practiced pranayama and meditation under the tutelage and guidance of our Yoga instructor, Ms. Savita Gupta. Step by step instructions were given for each asana along with their benefits to allow participants to consciously experience all the Yoga asanas. A video demonstrating various Yoga poses was also presented by the students.

School Principal, Mr. AK Sharma briefed the participants about the benefits of Yoga and how it enhances our quest for a healthier and happier life. He mentioned that the ancient practice of yoga focuses on idealizing concordance between mind, body, and soul so that we can bring out the best of our capabilities. He also emphasised the need to make yoga an integral part of our daily routine to boost our immunity, strength, and vigour.

The School also organised an Online Yoga Quiz for the students to mark the importance of this day. The objective of the quiz was to enlighten the students about the importance of practicing yoga and the innumerable benefits it offers.

Regular practice of Yoga will surely help our students achieve a fitter and healthier lifestyle.