Noida, August 14, 2019: To commemorate the 73rd Independence Day, a special assembly in the School grounds was organised. With the hoisting of the flag by the Principal, the rendition of the National Anthem filled the air. Mesmerising dances, inspiring talks, shlokas and a patriotic song filled everyone with a feeling of nationalism. The Principal extended his greetings to everyone and reminded the audience of the great sacrifices made by some of our legendary leaders and other unsung heroes. He exhorted the students to be proud citizens of the nation, mindful of their duties and obligations towards it.

In the Primary & Pre-Primary departments, students dressed up in tri-coloured costumes and danced on patriotic songs. To mark the occasion, students also brought tri-coloured food in their tiffins. The students paid tributes and remembered all the freedom fighters who had contributed to the Independence of India. The programme was laced with patriotic fervour and the spirit of nationalism.

Noida, August 14, 2019: A workshop was organised in the School as a part of 73rd Independence Day Celebration. The theme of the workshop was ‘CHANGE150: A Youth-Powered Celebration of Mahatma Gandhi's 150th Birth Anniversary’. It aimed to bring to life the iconic change mantra of Bapu - ‘Be the change that you wish to be in the world’.

Students of classes VI - XII were made to articulate one civic change that they would like to bring into effect. The students wrote in the language of their preference and painted & sketched their ideas on the postcard which is to be posted by the School to the corporate office of ‘CHANGE150’ in Kochi, Kerala.

Selected postcards will also be exhibited in the National Capital with due credits. In addition, postcards will be showcased in various other public exhibitions including digital mediums, collaterals and printed materials with due credits attributed to the creators.