Noida, April 7, 2017: World Health Day was celebrated in the Primary and Pre-Primary Wing of the School wherein students were sensitised to remain healthy by eating nutritious food, fruits and vegetables. They were also made aware about the importance of physical exercise to remain fit and active. They recited rhymes conveying the message of healthy eating habits.

The Pre-Primary Wing organised a special assembly on the occasion. The Primary Wing’s celebration began with a prayer song, thought for the day and news. A short talk on the topic 'Healthy Mind Dwells in a Healthy Body' was given by a student whereby the importance of healthy eating habits, adequate rest and hygiene was explained. A PPT on good habits and bus safety was also shown to the students briefing them about the importance of following rules.

The School Principal, Mr. S.C Tiwari, addressed the students on the common health problems and emphasised on good eating habits and importance of sports & exercise in our daily lives. Students also took out a rally in the School premises using placards with slogans written on them and enthusiastically recited slogans like 'Eat Right Be Bright' and 'Good Health adds Life to Years', as they went around the School. Several other activities were carried out to reiterate the importance of healthy eating habits.

World Health Day CelebrationWorld Health Day Celebration 2World Health Day Celebration 3

Noida, April 3, 2017: The new students who entered the portals of Apeejay School, Noida were taken on a wonder walk through the sprawling premises of the School. After an essential and enriching address by the School Principal, the students were taken through the School in order to familiarise them with the layout and landscape of the building and the field area.

The wonder walk helped them to mentally map the location of the blocks, classes, staff rooms, Medical Room, canteen, Art Room, Library and Sculpture Room. They were shown the location of the In-charges, Principal and Vice-Principal Offices as well.

The Swimming Pool was also inaugurated for this session by the School Principal with the new students in attendance. Overall, it was an interesting and enriching experience for the new students as they were made to feel at home in their new School.

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