Noida, July 27, 2017: The Scholar Badge Ceremony to felicitate the scholars of classes XI & XII was held in the auditorium wherein the School Principal, Mr. S.C. Tiwari & others gave away the scholar badges and merit certificates to the students. He addressed the audience reminding them that the values inherited in the School remain with them throughout their lifetime. He insisted working out priorities, goals and being good human beings.

The candidates for Head Boy and Head Girl also presented their views showing their deep concern towards the School. They were especially given the opportunity to speak as they could be more connected to their peer group.

Noida, July 28, 2017: A special morning assembly themed ‘Responsibility’ was held in the auditorium for the students of classes VII & VIII. The highlight of the assembly was when the six shortlisted candidates for the post of Head Boy & Head Girl for the Middle School put forth their ideas, opinions and thoughts on leadership. They also spoke about what becoming a Head Boy or a Head Girl meant for each one of them.

The School Principal addressed the students and explained that with greater power comes greater responsibility. He reiterated that belief in oneself is of paramount importance. He also advised students to always stand up for the right things in life.