Apeejay Education is all about learning the art of perfecting joy which is not momentary, transient or shallow but perpetual, profound and to self and surroundings. At Apeejay Education, we carve out this joy through practicing a balanced way of learning and living.


The child learns both through guidance & reflection; instruction & experimentation; research & information. The curriculum provides both for competition & collaboration - for in the ever-changing world of competitive flux the stability of co-operative work is a growing must. There are activities comprising self-help and yet other activities of team & group work. Apeejay Education lifestyle promotes a balance between work & play; self & society; outward excellence & inward depth.

We not only expect high academic rigour from the students but also demand constant training & skill upgradation from teachers. We provide an effective learning environment where pupils, educators and administrators are in a mode of improving and bettering themselves constantly.

We learn, we grow and we enjoy the process – for success & accomplishment are relative. Sky is the limit and after all sky is not real! It goes as far as our eyes can see!! Thus, true to our motto of “Soaring High is my Nature”, we search for higher skies with every benchmark we reach - higher and still higher!!

Come join the spirit of Excellence - unending.

Ms Ritu Kohli