Education at Apeejay School, NOIDA aims at the holistic development of the students. Critical thinking and experiential learning are encouraged to help them have comprehensive learning.

The Primary Wing of our school provides a happy, caring, and stimulating environment that instills in our students - joy for learning. With a determination for a mission of excellence and well prepared with the supreme art to inspire hope, ignite the imagination, creativity and enhance the knowledge among students, the school follows a broad and balanced curriculum which recognises the integration of the cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains of learning.

Primary Curriculum

  • The Primary Wing of Apeejay School, Noida consists of classes I to V.
  • In Primary school, the education programme combines a world-class curriculum published by the Council for Educational and Professional Services (CEPS).
  • It is designed to emphasise the need to enhance linguistic & logical ability skills.
  • Simultaneously, it also adopts innovative & advanced methods to stimulate interest among the students and enables them to become tech-savvy.
  • Students from classes I to V learn through examining units that are delivered by both classroom teachers and subject specialists.
  • In primary school, we have specialised teachers for art & craft, music, dance, Yoga, and Physical Education.

Classes I to III

  • A thematic curriculum is followed in these classes through integrated teaching.
  • Subjects taught in these classes are English, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Computer Science, Yoga, Music, Physical Education, and Art.

Classes IV & V

  • The curriculum published by Council for Educational and Professional Services (CEPS) is followed in these classes.
  • Subjects taught in these classes are English, Hindi, Mathematics, General Science, Social Studies, Computer Science, Yoga, Music, Physical Education, and Art.


  • There are two terms in one academic session: In each term, Monthly Assessments are conducted for the students to comprehend their learning and understanding of various subjects.
  • The students are graded regularly on the basis of their participaion and performance in class activities.
  • The report card is sent twice a year, in October and March.

Value-Based Education

Education is knowledge imbued with wisdom and ethics which moulds the behaviour and personality of the students. The Value-Based Education approach at Apeejay offers a new way of thinking about education and how children can be supported to develop to become successful and happy members of the global society. It builds the various qualities of honesty, strength, and humility in a person in regard to their social, moral, and spiritual behaviours.