Pre Primary - Curriculum

Curricula and Pedagogy in consonance with NEP 2020

The hallmark of education at Apeejay is to provide value-based holistic education of global standards. The School works in consonance with the NEP 2020 hence believes that the aim of education should not only be cognitive development, but also building character and creating balanced and well-rounded individuals equipped with the key 21st century skills. All curricula and pedagogy has been designed to further this relentless endeavour.

Foundational Stage at Apeejay Education consists of flexible, multifaceted, multilevel, play-based, activity-based, and discovery-based learning, in alignment with NEP 2020.

Preparatory Years cover Classes III, IV & V, prescribing a more formal yet interactive classroom teaching in the preparatory years with play, discovery, and activity-based pedagogy. The curriculum lays down strong academic foundations at this level through teaching of languages, science, mathematics and holistic development via inclusion of art and physical education.

The Middle School comprises three years of education (Classes VI-VIII), with the introduction of subject teachers for multidisciplinary and experiential learning with, Arts-integrated, Sports-integrated education and storytelling-based pedagogy. Interdisciplinary reach is practiced at this level.

The Secondary School comprises four years (Classes IX-XII), encourages multidisciplinary study, building on greater critical thinking. Project-based learning is encouraged for adding an experiential flavour to academics and Portfolios are maintained to assess their growth. Reflection and maintaining journals are a part of the academic rigour.

pre primary
  • ‘An innovative curriculum for the Pre-Primary’ published by Council for Educational and Professional Services (CEPS)is in practice with the objective of reinforcing values, concepts, ideas, skills and activities is in use with the objective of reinforcing values, concepts, ideas, skills and activities. A planner for each month is sent on the first day of the month to acquaint the parents’ of the work to be done. It helps them get a clear picture of the fun activities that their child will be participating in. This gives them a clear picture of the fun activities that their child will be participating in.
  • Following subjects are taught in Pre-Primary: English, Hindi, Number Work, Thematic Studies, Music, Art & Craft.
  • Areas of growth and development: Physical, Language, Personal, Emotional, Social, Intellectual/ Cognitive, Aesthetic development etc.
  • We equip students with life skills and design our activities to promote some of the following :
    • Classification skills
    • Conversational skills
    • Drawing conclusion
    • Experimenting
    • Identifying patterns
    • Motor skills
    • Social behaviour
    • Observation and recognition skills
    • Observing and relating skills
    • Ordering and sequencing
    • Sorting and classifying
    • Thinking skills
    • Understanding concepts
    • Vocabulary enhancement

Grading/Evaluation /ASSESSMENTS

The students are graded regularly on the basis of participation and performance in class activities. The report card is sent twice a year, in October and March.

The focus on value education is a strong component at Apeejay Education. At all levels of learning, Value Education is imparted with the belief that Education is knowledge imbued with wisdom and ethics, which moulds the behaviour and personality of the students. The students imbibe the essential qualities of honesty, fair play, empathy, courage, integrity, compassion, loyalty and courtesy through morning assemblies, celebration of festivals and day- to- day interaction with the teachers. The effort is to guide the students towards appropriate behaviour and development of a strong character.