Parth Bansal


HOBBIES: I enjoy working hands on for various areas of my interest – making new and innovative things using waste material, robotics, mobile applications innovations or improvisations on the already existing ones, reading about the latest happenings in the scientific world through internet, etc. I love reading about quantum physics, space geometry and space time, etc.

I applied for Ignite Competition through School, wherein I was assisted by my teachers to fill up a form that had asked for a lot of detailed information regarding my work. A dossier was prepared with an exhaustive write up as well as a PPT on my invention.

As a part of the award, I received a citation, a trophy and a bag full of book on Ignite 2016 on innovations made by children like me and other contestants.

Receiving the honour and that too from none other than the President of India was surely a dream come true. I walked with pride as I fondly remembered the source of my inspiration - the missile man himself - our respected late President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in whose memory this programme has been initiated.

I was very delighted and on top of the world as my innovation had been acknowledged. I felt grateful towards everyone who was and is associated with me in my endeavour.

I am a 13 year old boy studying in class IX in Apeejay School, Noida. I am very keen on reading books on science, investigating about space. I love listening to pop music in my leisure time. I enjoy watching You Tube videos on subjects of my choice.

My aim in life is to become a ‘Scientist with a Difference’ - a scientist who not only make innovations but creates devices which can help people in their day-to-day activities.

MY INNOVATION: I thought through the problem and started concretizing many ideas. I thought of things like focusing a light ray on the walking surface to create an illusion of a hurdle which would be effective, at the same time safe for my grandmother. Over a period of time I decided to fit an LED plate and a laser light onto a normal walking stick which his grandmother was already using. My grandmother who found it difficult to even take the first step straight can now do so with ease and comfort. With the illusion created by this, the patient treats it as an obstacle towards which foot moves more easily and starts moving. The first step taken with stability ensures the safety of the individual.

This led to the creation of a 'Laser Stick'.

Since it worked as an excellent device which served the purpose so well, he also enhanced it further by adding more features like a torch and charging facility. It is now a fully functional supportive device ready to serve many others. It is the first of its kind in India and abroad making it even more special.

I had been constantly observing my grandmother suffer from anxiety, stress and an unstable gait. She is a patient of Parkinson’s disease and is unable to walk comfortably.

Devices that were available in the market could not give her the requisite and specific help that she needed to assist her in walking. In consultation with Dr. Sumit Singh, Neurologist at Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon, I understood the gravity of the problem and tried to work out a beautiful yet scientific solution. The Doctor had wishfully suggested the creation of a hurdle in front of foot as she walked. This would assist her brain to programme her walking more effectively.

He really motivated me to do something for her.

I am already working on two favourite projects:

Free energy generator and am working on creating a transparent -see through- mobile phone (which will have the ability to help prevent accidents). It has been very well received. My grandmother is using it and benefitting greatly from it. It has been well received by IGNITE for which I have been acknowledged. Mass media - newspapers and news channels have interviewed me on separate occasions.

I have been appreciated during school assemblies. My parents were invited to school to meet the Principal and teachers and were congratulated for my achievement.

I participated in a workshop ‘Changemaker's Day’ at a school in Faridabad where I got a platform and an opportunity to showcase my presentation before dignitaries and academicians who lauded my efforts.

I have already added a few features like a torch, rechargeable battery and I am constantly working to make it better so as to be able to suit the various needs of such patients.

I am keenly working on the free energy generator and the transparent mobile. I am hopeful to get some more innovative ideas to work upon in the near future.