The Physics Lab is equipped with sufficient apparatus required by students in various experiments and for their extended experimentation in projects. The experiments related to almost all topics in Physics like electricity, magnetism, light, liquids, waves, resonance can be performed from the elementary to the most sophisticated level.

The School has a fully functional and spacious Biology laboratory. It is well equipped with microscopes, detailed charts, slides, specimens, study and work material and individual student work stations. It also has its own mini library from where students borrow books. To assist the students, the lab assistant is available to facilitate the conduct of experiments.

To popularise ‘play-way teaching and learning’ methodology in the field of science, a Science Park has been set up in the school. This is an innovative concept of teaching the basics of science in an informal way. Science Park has well-designed gadgets to develop curiosity and nurture knowledge with amusement. Each gadget is installed with an explanation about how to play/operate the gadget. The various concepts of science have been beautifully demonstrated, which kindles young minds for their bright future. The gadgets include the pulley, centrifugal force, periscope, echo tube, etc.

Qualities like leadership and sportsmanship are closely interwoven in the school’s curriculum. The school has a big playground and provides ample opportunities for students to participate in various games and sports under the guidance of experienced physical education teachers. Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, and Throwball are some of the games played regularly.

The School has an Integrated Sports Complex with synthetic basketball and tennis courts, made to world Class specifications. A swimming pool and a Cricket pitch ensure that our students get ample space to practice round the clock.

Coaching by renowned academies such as Baichung Bhutia Football academy, Sehwag Cricket Coaching etc. is a part of daily routine from early morning to late evening. Short Tennis coaching is also conducted. These are one of the secrets of the school’s buzzing and vibrant sports culture.

Students play indoor games like Table Tennis, Chess, and Carrom. The School also provides training in Gymnastics, Yoga, Rock Climbing, Athletics, Taekwondo, Karate, and Judo. Sports Day is an annual event that provides a platform for all students to showcase their talent and sportsmanship.

The school swimming pool provides an excellent opportunity for the students to learn swimming and excel in this field. Swimming is compulsory for the students from Classes IV to VII and is a part of the school timetable. A qualified swimming coach and lifeguard is available. The swimming facility is also open to students of other Classes after school hours. This facility is also available to ex-students and parents of wards on payment of requisite fees. During vacations, the pool is open from 6.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.