Celebrating Festivals

In our multicultural society we need to instill and enforce the universal values of brotherhood, tolerance, peace, compassion, patriotism and solidarity in our children. A celebration in the form of special assemblies is an effort to sensitize students towards living in harmony in a diverse society. They are taught to learn to use their thinking ability and skills to work for a safe and better world and to live in harmony with their fellow beings.

Baisakhi and Ram Navmi, Earth Day, Mothers Day, Doctors Day, Grand Parents Day, Raksha Bandhan, Independence Day, Janamashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Onam, Eid-ul-Fitr, Gandhi Jayanti and Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti, Dussehra, World Food Day, Diwali, Guruparv, Children's Day, Christmas, Lohri, Makar Sankranti and Pongal, Republic Day, Basant Panchami, Martyr's Day, Maha Shiv Ratri were all celebrated with great enthusiasm.


Noida, July 29 & 31, 2019: The School organised the ATL Tinkerfest 2019 on July 29 & 31, 2019. The inaugural session was initiated by the Vice-Principal, Mrs. Sarojini Sinha, who shared the importance of tinkering and declared the event open. It was followed by a wonderful and informative session conducted by STEMRobo. Mentors, Mr Shivam Gupta and Mr Subham Sand gave introduction to Tinkering with the help of interactive videos and real life examples. Later, Mr Gupta conducted a hands-on session on Micro Controller Arduino and sensors.

Some of the activities which were covered included:

  • LED Glowing using Arduino
  • Programming of RGB
  • Ultrasonic Sensor Use and programming
  • Paper Circuit Activity

The students also got a rich exposure to Aerodynamic activities like:

  • What is Quad Copter?
  • How to assemble a Drone?
  • Real life application of Drone
  • How Amazon is using Drones for delivery purposes?
  • What is Robot? How a Robot moves, senses & acts and how a Robot can balance?

It was a great learning platform for the students, to collaborate and showcase their talent.

On the second day, July 31, 2019 the students got an opportunity to learn about advance technologies, their uses and advantages. Some areas which were covered included:

  • What is IOT (Internet of Things)?
  • Use of IOT.
  • How to use Node MCU for IOT projects?
  • Webpage-based led glowing activity
  • Cayenne-based light controlling

Students showcased their innovative projects and the judges interacted with students and discussed them.

Through this workshop, students learnt about real life applications of sensors in home automation and headed back enriched and empowered. The fest concluded with distribution of certificates by the Vice-Principal, Mrs Sarojini Sinha.

Noida, July 16 & 17, 2019: A special assembly was conducted on July 17 & 16, 2019 in the Primary & Pre-Primary Department of the School, on the occasion of 'Guru Purnima' for the students. This festival commemorates the goodness of gurus and teachers. Thousands of devotees worship and thank them for enlightenment.

Few students performed a dance on the occasion as an ode to their gurus or teachers. A short skit was performed by the students to highlight the role of a teacher in a pupil's life. This skit was based on the story of ‘Eklavya’ from the ancient scripture, 'Mahabharata'. Primary In-Charge, Ms Smriti motivated the students to always respect their teachers.

Students of the Pre-Primary Wing also presented a dance as a mark of reverence to their gurus. The Pre-Primary In-Charge, Mrs Shailla Shahi showered her blessings on students and reminded them to always obey and respect their elders and gurus.

Guru Purnima Celebration