School Activities

Inter House competitions form an integral part of the school curriculum so whether it is skill or elocution quiz or best out-of waste, games or yoga, all competitions are held with verve and gusto and are aimed at highlighting the importance of sportsmanship for bringing out, the best of compelling spirit of young players.

Apeejay School, NOIDA, provides various opportunities for training of students for leadership. The school provides this training through two official bodies- PREFECTORIAL BOARD and THE SCHOOL COUNCIL. The school is further divided into four house systems – GANDHI HOUSE, NEHRU HOUSE, RADHAKRISHNAN HOUSE AND TAGORE HOUSE. These houses are looked after by a team of House Prefects and House Wardens.

The four houses not only symbolize high values, but at Apeejay our students are also trained to be messengers of these values, not only within the school boundaries but to take them far and beyond.

Noida, Dec. 10, 2015: A special assembly, themed ‘Human Rights’, was conducted by Gandhi House wherein the primary objective was to impart awareness in students about the values, ethics and protocols involved in safeguarding Human Rights to each individual.

The assembly commenced with the Morning Prayer, shloka, thought for the day and news. A talk on Human Rights was also delivered followed by a poem which reiterated the theme of the assembly.

Prizes were given to special achievers for Yoga and Sports. The assembly culminated with the rendition of the National Song.

english-spell-well-competitionNoida, January 29, 2016: A Spell Well Competition was conducted for the students of Class III. The Competition witnessed 100% participation and focused on the vocabulary awareness towards the English language skills. It was an enriching and learning experience for the students.




Noida, January 29, 2016: Inter-House Patriotic Song Competition was organised wherein the students of classes II to V participated and gave their melodious presentations. All the songs presented by different houses were laced with patriotism:

Gandhi House - Kar Chale Hum Fida
Nehru House - Bharat Vande Mataram
Radhakrishanan House - Maa Tujhe Salam
Tagore House - Nayi Dagar Naya Safar

Ms. Mamta Sharma and Ms. Lata Bhushan adjudged the Competition. The School Principal, Mr. S.C. Tiwari, appreciated the participants as he announced the results.

1st – Nehru House
2nd – Gandhi & Tagore House
3rd – Radhakrishanan House

Noida, January 15, 2016: The Primary Department of the School executed the Evacuation Drill to prepare the students for any unforeseen events. After evacuating the building, everyone assembled in the ground within a span of six minutes. The drill took place successfully with all the staff members and students. The School Principal, Mr. S.C. Tiwari and Primary In-charge, Mrs. Smriti Samuel appreciated the efforts put in by the teachers and students and also gave few suggestions for further improvement. The students were thereafter dispersed to their respective classes along with their teachers in an effective manner.

Noida, Nov. 21, 2015: The Primary department of the School conducted Poster-Making Competition on Swach Bharat organised by CBSE for classes II-V. The students expressed their views on the topic with creativity.

poster making 2015poster making 2015