School Activities

Inter House competitions form an integral part of the school curriculum so whether it is skill or elocution quiz or best out-of waste, games or yoga, all competitions are held with verve and gusto and are aimed at highlighting the importance of sportsmanship for bringing out, the best of compelling spirit of young players.

Apeejay School, NOIDA, provides various opportunities for training of students for leadership. The school provides this training through two official bodies- PREFECTORIAL BOARD and THE SCHOOL COUNCIL. The school is further divided into four house systems – GANDHI HOUSE, NEHRU HOUSE, RADHAKRISHNAN HOUSE AND TAGORE HOUSE. These houses are looked after by a team of House Prefects and House Wardens.

The four houses not only symbolize high values, but at Apeejay our students are also trained to be messengers of these values, not only within the school boundaries but to take them far and beyond.

Noida, May 9, 2017: A Declamation Competition was held for the students of Class VIII on the topic: ‘Climate change transcends physical boundaries....a reality check!’

The participants put forth their opinions, thoughts and views in a forthright manner. The expression and voice modulation of the students added a special edge and a new perspective to their speeches. Students were judged on the basis of content, pronunciation, confidence, expression and overall impact. The judges also shared vital observations and inputs with the participants.

ISA Coordinator, Mrs. Shefalee Gupta, also shared her words of guidance with the students and gave away the certificates to the winners. It was a learning experience for the speakers as well as the audience.

Declamation CompetitionDeclamation Competition 1Declamation Competition 2Declamation Competition 3Declamation Competition 4

Noida, May 2, 2017: As a part of ISA activities, coveted initiative of the British Council of India, ‘The International Mother’s Day in United Kingdom’ was celebrated in the Pre-Primary Department of the School.

Kindergarten students were dressed up as the natives of United Kingdom and huge pictures& models of famous places in the country like London Bridge, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, etc. were pasted across the Department. With great enthusiasm, students accompanied their Mother teachers to these places as they spoke and understood about these places. They also presented bouquets made with paper craft to their Mother teachers.

It was an emotional and heart-warming experience for all as everyone realised the importance of a Mother in their lives.

Noida, May 2, 2017: As a part of ISA activities, coveted initiative of the British Council of India, ‘The International Mother’s Day in South Korea’ was celebrated in the Pre-Primary Department. The teachers and the tiny tots of Class Nursery dressed in traditional South Korean attire sang a lovely song to express their love for their mothers. Students also did a hands-on activity in which they made cards for their mothers. A PowerPoint presentation depicting the culture of South Korea was also shown to them on this occasion. The presentation threw light on some facts about the celebration of Mother’s Day and motherhood in South Korea. It was an emotional and heart-warming experience for the students and teachers, as they recognised the important role that our Mother plays in our lives.

Noida, April 20, 2017: A class room board reflects the students’ creativity, team work and thematic skills. Keeping this in mind, the Class Room Bulletin Board Decoration Competition was held in the School during the Zero Period. Classes were allotted countries and the boards had to be decorated keeping the heritage of the country in mind.

Students and teachers put all their imagination into creative presentation and came up with visually attractive and informative class room boards. The boards were judged by the Art Department and accordingly appreciated.

Class Room Bulletin Board Decoration CompetitionClass Room Bulletin Board Decoration Competition 2Class Room Bulletin Board Decoration Competition 3Class Room Bulletin Board Decoration Competition 4Class Room Bulletin Board Decoration Competition 5

Noida, April 20, 2017: Keeping in mind the ‘World Heritage Day’ theme, a Class Room Bulletin Board Competition was organised for classes VI to XII. The School was abuzz with activity as the students participated enthusiastically in decorating their class bulletin boards.

The topics allotted to the classes were as follows:

  • Class VI: Heritage of India
  • Class VII: United Kingdom
  • Class VIII: Korea
  • Class IX: Northern India
  • Class X: Southern India
  • Class XI: Eastern India
  • Class XII: Western India

As per the government's directive, an emergency evacuation drill was also carried out effectively for the classes IX to XII and Nursery.