School Activities

Inter House competitions form an integral part of the school curriculum so whether it is skill or elocution quiz or best out-of waste, games or yoga, all competitions are held with verve and gusto and are aimed at highlighting the importance of sportsmanship for bringing out, the best of compelling spirit of young players.

Apeejay School, NOIDA, provides various opportunities for training of students for leadership. The school provides this training through two official bodies- PREFECTORIAL BOARD and THE SCHOOL COUNCIL. The school is further divided into four house systems – GANDHI HOUSE, NEHRU HOUSE, RADHAKRISHNAN HOUSE AND TAGORE HOUSE. These houses are looked after by a team of House Prefects and House Wardens.

The four houses not only symbolize high values, but at Apeejay our students are also trained to be messengers of these values, not only within the school boundaries but to take them far and beyond.

Noida, August 25, 2017: Kavita Vachan Pratiyogita (Poetry Competition) was held for the students of Class I wherein the shortlisted students came well-dressed along with the colourful props. They participated with great enthusiasm and jubilation. The students were appreciated for their confidence and performances which they showcased arduously on the stage during the competition.


Noida, August 24, 2017: Class IV students of Apeejay School, Noida participated in an Inter-Class Tangram Story Writing Competition as part of an ISA activity - Shape the World. Participantsmade tangrams based on countries USA, UK, France, Egypt & Italy and through illustrative description weaved a story.  Students created beautiful scenes using tangrams. This activity enhanced the writing skills of students and broadened their imaginative thinking.

Noida, Aug. 19, 2017: An Intra-Class Computer Paint Competition was held in the Primary Computer Lab. Through this Competition, the Class III students got a platform to showcase their ICT skills, ideas, creativity, knowledge and information.

Three teams were selected from each section after two selection rounds which were open to all the students. The topic ‘Swach Bharat’ was given on-the-spot to the students. In the given one hour, the students provided a tough and fair competition to each other.

The judges, Ms. Sujata Bhardwaj and Ms. Anuradha Mittal, appreciated the work done by the participants. They also complemented the teams for being so adept in technical education.

The result is as follows:


Class & Section


Akshita Soni & Prisha Jain



Vidhaan Anand & Shubhi Saxena



Shaurya Gupta & Smita Tanwar



Medha Gupta & Devansh Gulabni



Aparajita & Pragya Chaudhary



Pranjana Kaushik & Ayanna Rana



Noida, August 5, 2017: Apeejay School, Noida conducted an English ISA Activity ‘Mask-A-Raid’ wherein students of Class VI presented the enactment highlighting the endangered animals of four different countries – Nepal, Sri Lanka, India and Korea. School Principal, Mr. S.C. Tiwari and others applauded the performances of the students and boosted their morale.

The activity helped to sensitize the students that every animal on earth has as much right to be here as we human beings. Students were dressed up in their vibrant costumes of different animals and used masks as their props which added life & vigor to their enthralling performances.

Noida, May 12, 2017: An Inter-Class Dance Presentation, as part of ISA Activity, was held in the School. Enthusiastic participants from Class VI participated in the same and showcased the culture of the countries, viz.: USA, China, Nepal and India. Through their dance presentation they paid a tribute to all the Mothers on the eve of Mothers’ Day. Students beautifully presented the feelings according to the country’s norm they represented. The presentation was well-received by the spectators.