Enrichment Programmes For Teachers

Noida, Jan. 21, 2016: A workshop on 'Selfie of a Teacher: Self Introspection' was conducted by Apeejay Education Society's Education Advisor, Mr. N.N Nayyar. The Workshop was conducted with an objective to enable the teachers to reflect on the professional, personal, intellectual, physical and social attributes of a teacher.

Mr. Nayyar discussed about the vision of Apeejay Education Society which is 'man-making and nation-building'. The key pointers of the professional character of a teacher were also listed and explained. Mr. Nayyar stressed that learning involves critical thinking, creative thinking, communication and collaboration.

workshop-by-nayyar-sir The four pillars of education were identified as:

Learning to Know
Learning to Do
Learning to Live Together
Learning to Be

He also added that ‘Learning to Change' should be the fifth pillar of education. After elaborating on each point, it was concluded that teaching is to make the students aware of the instruments of learning. Teachers were engaged in multiple group tasks involving listing the attributes of a teacher and defining 'what is learning?’ An exhaustive questionnaire was given to the teachers to identify the types of learners (auditory, visual, kinaesthetic & reading-writing) and their needs. He reiterated that multi-level instructions are an effective way to address the needs of all types of learners. Four types of teaching methods i.e. Active Teaching, Passive Teaching, Learner-Oriented and Teacher-Oriented methods were explained.

Two types of assessment, Formative and Summative, were also explained. The need of the hour is to have an active teaching method where the teachers work on developing instruments/tools of learning.

Methods of teaching should include Organization, Reinforcement, Stimulation, Questioning, Connectivity and Recapitulation. He concluded that caring classroom communities that are focused on goals help develop students' proficiencies. Effective teachers provide students with opportunities for collective and independent work, builds students’ thinking by developing skills & tools of learning and assessment.

Noida, August 26, 2015: A workshop on Methodology of Teaching was conducted by Ms. Chandra Subramanian for the teachers of the Middle and Senior wing. The workshop touched upon the principles of classroom demographics, educational philosophy and subject-based teaching as tools for adopting the right methodology of teaching. The presentation dwelled on the fact that teachers change lives, teach, know and care. The premise of the workshop was that the methodology has to be customised according to the requirement of the learners.




Noida, May 12, 2015: Mr. Jitender Bakshi attended the Residential Training Camp for Scout Master from May 06-12, 2015 at the Mahamaya Balika Inter-College, Noida. The Camp was a highly educational and interactive event that emphasised on the needs and ways to organise social outreach programmes. It also taught the trainees appropriate and effective methods to motivate the scouts to perform selfless social service. The training also prepared the learners to handle medical aid, natural disaster management and rescue operation in times of need. It was a well-attended programme.