Enrichment Programmes For Teachers

Delhi, August 12, 2016: A Social Science Curriculum Revision Workshop for classes VI to VIII was held at Apeejay School, Pitampura. In his inaugural address, School Principal, Mr. D. K. Bedi opined that developing an in-depth understanding of selected topics was more important than gathering limited information of a large number of concepts.

After a lot of deliberation on various aspects of the curriculum, the teachers unanimously agreed to concise the syllabus and make it more child-friendly. A detailed plan for classes VI-VIII was chalked out which consisted the following:

  • Term-wise curriculum framework
  • Map list for SA-1 and SA-2
  • Chapter-wise weightage structure for SA-1 and SA-2

The Workshop was coordinated by Ms. Praveen and attended by Ms. Bipasha Chatterjee & Ms. Salila Shashikant from Apeejay School, Noida and teachers from other branches of Apeejay Schools.

Noida, August 2, 2016: An interactive workshop on ‘Thematic Teaching’ was held for the teachers of Classes Nursery to V by Mrs. Shailla Shahi, Pre-Primary Incharge. The teachers were given an overview of the innovative teaching methodologies and techniques adopted by the School management in order to provide quality education to the students.

The teachers were explained the importance and relevance of ‘Thematic Teaching’, a teaching strategy wherein a monthly theme is selected and all the subjects are centered on that theme to ensure integration of subjects. The students revisit the same ideas and apply them in different ways, resulting in a rich understanding of the theme.

The teachers were informed how thematic teaching ensures joyful learning for the students through integration of subjects, incorporation of different learning styles (VAK) and building on prior knowledge. Thematic Teaching enhances the inherent curiosity, creativity and communication skills of the students.

The ways of setting up the classroom environment through the use of 3D models, display corners, learning centers and charts, etc., were also demonstrated using examples of different themes. The teachers were made aware that the goals of Thematic Teaching were to produce autonomous learners who would be able to independently explore and create knowledge.

The Workshop concluded with the Vote of Thanks by the Primary Incharge, Mrs. Smriti Samuel, as she emphasised on the fact that the role of the educators today had shifted from being teachers to becoming facilitators of learning.

Thematic TeachingThematic Teaching

Noida, July 9, 2016: Apeejay Education Society organised a workshop for teachers on the topic ‘Teachers’ Wellness’ initiated by Mrs. Sushma Paul Berlia, Chairman, Apeejay Education Society. The School Principal, Mr. S.C. Tiwari, introduced the team to the audience and extended a formal floral welcome. The team included Dr. Kamal Khurana, a well-known psychologist; Mrs. Tulika Bhandari, a senior psychologist assisting Dr. Khurana; Ms. Purvi Agarwal, Psychologist and Ms. Suhani Singh. As a beautiful gesture, mementos were also given to the teachers.

Dr. Khurana shared pragmatic ideas and suggestions including Pareto’s principle & that the key to a stress free life is ‘time management’. Role plays were also conducted to make the concepts understandable. An interesting group activity was conducted.

All activities were a symbol of classroom situations. Overall, the Workshop emphasised on ‘collaboration’. The session concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by the Senior Academic Coordinator, Mrs. Shefalee Gupta.