Enrichment Programmes For Students

Noida, April 26, 2018: A workshop on Road Safety was conducted by the officials from the Noida Traffic Department for the students of Class VII. The officials explained and demonstrated various signals used on roads and made the students understand the importance of following traffic rules at all times. They reiterated the fact that following traffic rules can not only protect one from getting injured but can also save lives.

They also administered an oath and all the teachers & students took a pledge that they would, at all times, adhere to traffic rules & regulations. This was conducted keeping in mind the ‘Road Safety Week’ that is observed from April 23-30, 2018. Overall, it was an enriching and educative experience for all concerned.

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Noida, April 18, 2018: The Primary Department of the School celebrated World Heritage Day. As part of the on-going celebrations, the children of class IV were taken on a Heritage Walk to the National Art and Craft Museum. History was brought to life at this excellent museum wherein artisans demonstrated traditional embroidery, weaving, carving and pottery to the creative enthusiasts.

Students were sensitised about the importance of heritage as a legacy, passed on from one generation to another. Emphasis was laid on the importance of Indian Heritage as an irreplaceable source of life and the importance of preserving the rich cultural and monumental heritage of the world.