Enrichment Programmes For Students

Noida, July 23, 2018: Excursions give students educational experiences away from their regular school environment. At Apeejay, we have organised field trips for the students of the Pre-Primary Wing to visit different neighbourhood places in the months of July & August.

On July 23, 2018, in small groups, with their teachers and helper didi, students of Class KG visited Supermarket ‘Parsavnath Plaza’, Sector 27, Noida. They visited the green grocer shop, dental clinic, bank, chemist shop, tailor shop, stationery shop, grocer’s shop and a saloon. They also visited ‘Fire Station’ wherein they observed the safety measures to be taken during any accidental fire.

The students of Class Nursery visited the 'Rose Garden' at Sector 15, Noida. During the educational excursion, the students observed that plants need water, air and sunlight to grow. They explored different shapes, sizes and colours of leaves and flowers. They also visited the outlet of Mother Dairy at Sector 21, Noida. They saw the Mother Dairy van and observed the milk products, vegetables & fruits.

Students observed various places from where we get different commodities of our daily usage. They also met community helpers & expressed their gratitude towards them.

The excursions were conducted during the school hours.

Noida, May 16-31, 2018: The atmosphere at Apeejay School, Noida was filled with excitement and expectations as the Summer Camp for the students started with great fanfare.

A Summer Camp provides an arena to students that help them to go beyond the realms of everyday learning. It gives them an opportunity to indulge in some activity that may be their calling or one that may help them identify some innate talent lying dormant in them. The Summer Scholar Camp held at the School offered a wide range of activities – both indoor and outdoor. The response to the Camp was overwhelming with almost a whopping 400 students enrolling for the same.

The Football, Basketball, Swimming, Cricket and Lawn Tennis coaching was a great treat for the sports enthusiasts as they were coached by professionals of repute. The students who opted for reading, writing, listening & speaking by the Hindu, coding, Western Dance and Speech & Drama activities enjoyed themselves thoroughly as they learnt a number of new things.

There was enough to stimulate the mental agility of the Chess group and to facilitate the physical well-being of the Table Tennis players as they put their heart and soul into the game.