Enrichment Programmes For Students

Noida & Delhi, August 13, 2015: With the objective to inculcate learning through observation and experience, the School organised educational excursions for the students of Class Nursery to the 'Mother Dairy', Sector 21 and the 'Fire Station', Sector 2, Noida. The students of Class K.G also visited the DDA Market, Vasundhara Enclave, Delhi which made the students aware of the neighbourhood places.




Date Workshop Details Conducted By
26 April, 2011

Venue: School Auditorium
Topic: Career counseling
Participants : Students of class IX-XII

Captain Ashok Rai and his crew, Naval Headquarters

29th April, 2011

Encourage students to participate in annual fest. IIPM
16th May, 2011

Venue: Computer lab
Workshop : Robotics Workshop
Participants: Students of Robotics Club

Mrs. Anuradha Mittal, Mrs. Sujata Bhardwaj

18th – 23rd May, 2011

Venue: Computer labs
Summer Computer workshops were conducted for students of class IX-XI Making, Programming in C++, Photoshop and Quiz.
Participants: Students of classes IX-XII

Mrs. Anuradha Mittal, Mrs. Sujata Bhardwaj, Mrs. Divya Jain

July, 2011

Venue : Primary Block
Topic:“Story Telling”
Participants: Students of classes IV and V.

Mr. Rajesh Narula, language Expert, HT Pace

7th September , 2011

Venue : School Auditorium
Topic: “Are you the leader or the followers of tomorrow”. Various career prospects, entrance exams, list of best colleges along with eligibility criteria were discussed.
Participants: Students of XI and XII.

Career counselor  from Pratham

5th October, 2011

Venue : School Auditorium
Topic:"Anger and its Management"
Participants: Students of classes IX-XI

Dr Sanjeev Kalra, Psychiatrist at Vimhans Hospital, Noida

November, 2011

Venue: School Auditorium
Topic :Traffic Safety
Participants : Students Of Middle Block

Traffic Police Department
19th  December, 2011

Venue: School auditorium
Informative workshop on Apeejay Stya University
Participants: Class XII students

Mr. Harsh Wadhwa, Representative, Apeejay Stya University
23rd January 2012

Venue: School auditorium
Topic : A street Play displaying the adverse effects of “attitude”

Students of class XI
20th January, 2012

Venue: School auditorium
Topic : Lateral Thinking and Creativity
Participants: students of class XI

Professors from Apeejay School of Management

23rd January, 2012

Venue: School auditorium
Topic : value based workshops
Participants: students of classes IX and XI

Principal, Mr. N.N.Nayyar
21st February, 2012

Venue: School auditorium
Topic : “An insight into the various streams and their career options”
Participants : students of class X

Mrs. Anju Gupta, Mrs. Pinky Mathur, Mrs. Sujata Bhardwaj