Enrichment Programmes For Students

USA, Sep. 23, 2017: The School recently organised an educational tour to NASA (USA) comprising a group of 22 students, 2 teachers and a tour guide.

Students visited places like New York, Buffalo and Orlando. Disneyland and Universal Studios were the main attraction. The tour also included visits to Times Square, Wall Street and Statue of Liberty. They enjoyed local delicacies and multi cuisines. The group also enjoyed shopping of various electronic goods and Harry Potter merchandise.

It was a great opportunity to explore Cape Canaveral & Kennedy Space Center and learn about the Universe and Space.

Chandigarh-Kasauli-Pinjore, Sep. 23-26, 2017: A group of students from the School hostel, along with the Hostel Warden and a staff member, visited Chandigarh as a part of a four-day trip organised by the School. Students visited Cactus Garden, Rock Garden, Rose Garden, Sukhna Lake, Pinjore Garden & Chattbir Zoo in Chandigarh and Hanuman Mandir situated in Airbase Station at Kasauli.

It was great fun and a learning experience for the students. The excursion was greatly appreciated because it taught the importance of teamwork and encouraged the students to become responsible individuals by sharing and caring for each other.