Enrichment Programmes For Students

Noida, November 29, 2017: An interactive and hands-on workshop was conducted by Mr. Divy Sharma and his team for the students of Class XI, giving an insight about the various aspects of film making. Videos were shown to enhance their thinking skills on various social issues and criteria for judgement of a film. Students were exposed to various nuances of film making and some possibilities of shooting short films on socially relevant issues were also discussed with them.

film making

Noida, November 28, 2017: A seminar on ‘Role of Teacher in Influencing the Life of Students’ was organised by the IIMT Group of Colleges, Greater Noida. The Seminar started with welcoming the Chief Guest, Shri. Tapan Kumar, Prantiya Sangathan Mantri, RSS and the Guest of Honour, Shri. Divya Kant Shukl, Joint Education Director, Meerut, followed by lamp lighting and some dance performances.

The inaugural address was by Mr. Pankaj Pandey, Managing Director, DIOS, Ghaziabad in which he said that a student is a blank canvas and a teacher is an artist who has the responsibility of filling colours in this canvas to create a beautiful portrait. The next resource person was the Guest of Honour, Shri. Divya Kant Shukl, Joint Education Director, Meerut. According to him, a teacher should emphasise on the development of the inherent potential of the students, thereby aiming at their holistic development.

Shri. Tapan Kumar stressed that a teacher should teach from the heart and not just from the mind. He also said that it is the divine responsibility of the teacher to enhance the capabilities of the students. He cited various examples and anecdotes emphasising the impact of teachers on the lives of their students.

It was indeed an enriching experience which reinforced the role of a teacher in the lives of students.