Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Apeejay School - Nerul
Apeejay School - Nerul
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School building is a ground + 3 floor structure.


A well-stocked computerised library with more than 14,500 books and a number of newspapers, journals and magazines provides ample opportunities to the students to explore the unending magic of the printed world.

Computer laboratories

With Chip being the buzzword, the school has created suitable computer labs with LAN, Internet and other state-of-art facilities to equip the students to face the futuristic challenges.

A Campus-wide network is being installed at Apeejay School, Nerul, wherein each and every classroom, staff room and the administrative block has been connected to a cluster of high-end servers. This network serves as the backbone for the implementation of Moodle, and ERP solution for automating the school’s administration and all scholastic and non scholastic activities.

Science Laboratories

To put theory into practice and learning by doing is what our science labs offer to the students. The school has well – equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Sports Facilities

There is an elaborate arrangement for indoor as well as outdoor games. Coaching facilities for cricket, football, martial arts and roller-skating are provided.

Medical Infirmary

First – Aid and Medical care is available to the students whenever required. The stock of most needed medicines and First- Aid materials are replenished in advance. Thus the students and staff members are provided prompt medical help whenever required. An attendant is attached to it exclusively. Besides, the Medical Officer of the school, a Health Committee member is always there to attend the students.


Various agencies and individuals trained in the field of counseling children regarding their behaviour, physical changes, girl-boy relationship, stress management and career counseling are invited to school from time to time. Teachers also play the role of a counseller as they are with the students for a significant amount of time.

Additional Facilities

For fast, smooth and easy communication each class room is linked through a Public Address System. Every classroom is provided with a computer and a big screen television for making teaching-learning process more effective.

Remedial Teaching

Remedial teaching is organized to help the low achievers and to give extra help and aid to the gifted ones. Students are guided to excel in various talent search examinations. It goes hand in hand with the counselling of the learner.