Apeejay School - Nerul
Apeejay School - Nerul
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The School organises various workshops, orientation courses and demonstrations lessons in all subjects at regular intervals. Under the Teachers Resource Building Programme, activity-oriented workshops are conducted every fourth Saturday regularly by the teachers.

Workshop & Webinars Conducted by
Developing Resilience in Students Regional Director Mr. Rakesh Joshi
Competency Based Education Mr D. K. Bedi, Education Officer, Apeejay Education
Music and Story Telling Ms Mrinalini Singh, Pre-Primary Coordinator,
Ms Chandrika Arry and Ms Simmi Sharma
Lesson Plans to develop 21st Century Skills Ms Monika Gupta, Ms Chitra Dhamija, Ms Amrita Pandey and
Ms Leena Daisy
Innovative Teaching Learning Strategies Ms Manisha Upadhyay, Ms Nidhi Dubey and Ms Rajni Mishra
Questioning Skill and Techniques Ms Salamma Albert, Ms Swagata Das, Ms Sreekala Nair and Ms
Srirupa Mukherjee
Strengthening Existing Practices in Secondary Stage Ms Shakuntala Singh, Ms Usha Yadav, Ms Ashu Raj,
Ms Sreekala Nair, Ms Anju Sharma and Ms Kiran Rai
Strengthening Existing Practices as per NEP in Preparatory stage Ms Vijaya Lekshmi K C, Ms Srirupa M, Ms Meena Saha, Ms Rajni Mishra and Ms Leena Daisy S
Strengthening Existing Practices as per NEP in Foundation stage Ms Mrinalini Singh, Ms Nidhi Dubey, Ms Dalbir Kaur, Ms Yamini Chandorkar and Ms Bharti Kandpal
Emergency Evacuation drill Ms Geetha G, Ms Amrita P and Ms Minu P
Pedagogical Techniques for Effective Teaching Ms Kavita Shetty, Ms Anju Sharma, Ms Meena Saha and Ms Sushma Naidu
Financial Literacy and use of Digital Tools CBSE & Apeejay Education
Teaching Skills Principal Mr P Subhash
Name of Webinar/ Workshop Conducted by Attended by
Career Counselling Workshop Career Launcher and Valedra Classes XI & XII
CA as a Career And Growing Opportunities CA Harshel Ajmera, CA Amit Tenani and CA Pinky Agarwal Classes XI & XII
Awareness on Nuclear Technology & Applications of Radio isotopes in healthcare, industry, research & agriculture BRIT (Board Of Radiation & Isotope Technology) by DAE (Department of Atomic Energy) Class XII A & B
Application of Nuclear Energy In Agriculture Indian Women Scientist Association IWSA) Class IX


Name of Webinar

Conducted by

Attended by

23rd Nov 2021

Peer Educator Session Topic ‘Vision of an Empowered Youth’

Souradeep Halder, Simmone Joshi, Mehak Sharma and Samarth Jain, Class XII

Students of Class IX

2nd Dec 2021

Introduction of newly launched Scholar-Journalist category on the Apeejay news website

Mrini Devnani, Senior Correspondent, Apeejay (Newsroom), Apeejay Education

Students of Classes VI, VII and VIII

16th Nov 2021

‘Life Skills for Adolescence’

Vice Principal Ms Namita Anand

Students of Class IX

27th Aug 2021

Sensitization of students regarding the POCSO Act

Class teachers

Students of Classes VI to XII

21st Aug 2021

Interaction on - Career Prospects for Law and Management Science

School of Law and Management Sciences, Apeejay Stya University

Class XII Students

30th July 2021

Apeejay Festival of ideas by Ignited Minds

Apeejay School of Architecture, Greater Noida, AIT

Classes XI and XII

19th July 2021

Role of Intestinal Microbiota and Probiotics in Health and Disease

Apeejay Stya University
Speaker - Dr. Neerja Hajela, Asst. VP-Science & Regulatory Affairs, Yakult Danone India Pvt. Ltd.

Class XII B

3rd July 2021

Overseas Education

Apeejay Education,
Speaker - Sourabh Taluja

Classes XI and XII

17th June 2021

Role of Immune Cells in Hypoxia-induced Pulmonary Hypertension

Apeejay School of Bio-Sciences: Speaker Dr. Rahul Humar

Classes XII B

14th April 2021

‘Skills for success in post-Covid world’ - A virtual Career Counselling Workshop by NIE in collaboration with Bennett University.

Bennett University Faculty

Class XII Students

22nd April to 30th April 2021

Orientation Classes for Class XI

Subject Teachers

Class X Students

Webinars for the Staff

 Name of the Webinar/Online Workshop

Conducted by

Capturing Attendance Just Became Easier Mr. Aditya Berlia, Co-Promoter, Apeejay Stya and Svran Group and Mr. Deepak Bhalla
E-Learning Platforms Safety and Best Practice Mr. Aditya Berlia, Co-Promoter, Apeejay Stya and Svran Group 
Critical Thinking Mr. D.K. Bedi, Education Officer, Apeejay Education
Questioning Skills Mr N.N. Nayyar, Education Officer, Apeejay Education
Active Learning in an Online Class Mrs. Monisha Mathur, Mrs. Vinita Johnson and Mrs. Nidhi Dubey
Effective Induction - Code of Conduct Mrs. Namita Anand Gopalan, the Vice-Principal and Mrs. Shakuntala Singh, Academic Coordinator
Safe Teaching-Learning in Zoom Mrs. Samita Vij and Mrs. Swarna Kakade

An Open Session on Moodle Quiz Module was conducted by Mr. Deepak Bhalla on April 28, 2020 to train the teachers on ‘Online Evaluation’.

Another refresher session on Assignment and Quiz Module was held on May 1, 2020.

An interactive session was conducted by Mr. Deepak Bhalla on August 26, 2020 on ‘Moodle Queries’.

Webinars Attended

 Name of the Webinar Conducted by Attended by
How to take care of your mental health; identifying symptoms of anxiety/depression and how to cope Dr. Seema Rekha The teaching staff
Cyber Security…. Online Threats in Schools Apeejay Education The teaching staff
Praising the teachers for their efforts and motivating them to continue doing good work Mrs. Sushma Paul Berlia, Chairperson, Apeejay Education The teaching staff
Thanksgiving to the teachers Mrs. Sushma Paul Berlia, Chairperson, Apeejay Education The entire teaching fraternity of Apeejay Stya institutions