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Apeejay School - Nerul
Apeejay School - Nerul
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As directed by CBSE, the three-language formula is followed for Classes VI-VIII. In addition to English and Hindi, students have an option to study either Sanskrit or Marathi as third language.Students of classes IX and X study the following subjects: 1. English 2. Hindi / Sanskrit 3. Mathematics4. Science & Technology 5. Social Studies 6. Work Experience

Time TablePrimary
These classes have 6 hours (8 periods) time-table for six days a week.
  • Value Education

    In the rapidly changing world, to strike a balance between the cocooned world of ‘home’ and ‘school’ and the competitive world outside, imbibing values and virtues in young children becomes paramount. To meet these growing demands and to strengthen the value system, the school has included “EDUCATION IN HUMAN VALUES” in the school curriculum. Besides Human and Social values, national and global values are also inculcated amongst the students through ‘Words of Wisdom’ spoken by the Principal and teachers in the assembly. The same is done by enacting moral stories, one-act plays and projects highlighting importance of moral and ethical values undertaken in the class.
  • Focused Skills

    • Besides developing all the four skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing, specialized methodologies are used to train the children to be able to analyse, interpret and evaluate.
    • Project Works, Group Discussions and varied other activities relevant to Science and other subjects are planned to provide social understanding, spirit of enquiry and scientific acumen.
    • To nurture multiple intelligences such as kinesthetic, musical, visual, inter-personal and intra-personal, we provide ample opportunities for self expression in the form of music, dance and fine arts.
  • Teaching Methodology

    To suit the changing needs of the present generation, latest and innovative techniques of teaching are employed. The teacher acts as a ‘knowledge facilitator’ and not as the ‘knowledge provider’. Therefore the teaching methodology is “learner-centered” nurturing the promotion of Academic Excellence and Multi-Intelligences.
  • Teaching-Learning Strategies

    Secondary and Sr. SecondaryEducation imparted in the Secondary and Sr. Secondary Sections integrates Information Technology, nurtures creative and independent thinking and emphasizes on three-language formula. Great emphasis is laid on the development of communication skills and overall development of a child's personality.

Evaluation and Assessment System

The progress of each child in all three domains (Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor) is evaluated continuously.

Middle and Secondary

The CBSE Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)
The school follows the Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) scheme to test the levels of ability, application of knowledge, creative thinking and problem solving. CCE helps in improving student’s performance by identifying his/her learning difficulties at regular time intervals right from the beginning of the academic session and employing suitable remedial measures for enhancing their learning performance.