Apeejay School - Nerul
Apeejay School - Nerul
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Currently working in WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES

If I were to pick and choose some of the best memories I possess of my life thus far, it wouldn’t be surprising to see that most of them were created within a 3-storeyed building in Nerul, home to Apeejay School. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the 10 years I spent in the school have had an enormous impact on my personality and who I am today. Apeejay School truly focuses on the holistic development of every student, with emphasis on excellence, values and discipline. There is never a dearth of opportunities available to a student to hone his/her talents in a variety of fields ranging from sports like football, table tennis etc. to dance and music. Of course, the academic record of students at the school speaks for itself. Backed by brilliant faculty and state-of-the-art infrastructure, Apeejay School has created a niche for itself by producing batch after batch of outstanding students in every aspect.

As a young boy, one of the things that excited me the most about life at Apeejay was the chance to meet and interact with students from diverse cultures and backgrounds. The friendships that I built during my time at school live on even today. I will always cherish the innumerous opportunities I have been given to represent my school in competitions, not just in Nerul but all over the country. Such experiences provide an effective platform to nurture one’s skills and promote self-belief and a positive frame of mind.

Finally, the five simple words that form the school slogan have grown to be the mantra of my life, and I’m sure in one way or the other, the mantra of every student that passes out of Apeejay, Nerul: “Soaring High is my Nature”

Presentrly pursuing M.Sc Molecular Biology from San Diego State University, California

I joined Apeejay School , Nerul in Class VII and when I left the school after Class XII I found myself completely equipped to face all the challenges of life. All thanks to the competent and supportive teachers and a holistic programme of extra curricular and co-curricular activities in the school. The school provides the students ample opportunities to show their talent and prepares them to soar higher beyond school frontiers and show the world outside their proficiency and dexterity

Having studied in Apeejay School , Nerul for fourteen years, Apeejay was not just a school but a way of life. To study in a disciplined and competitive atmosphere that Apeejay offers gives the necessary ability to march forward in life confidently.

No student would be so enthusiastic about his school while he is a student and same was the case with me. But when I left school after completing my 12th std and entered college, I was asked which school I studied to which I would reply ‘Apeejay School , Nerul’. The respect those words would command and the admiring eyes of others made me proud of my school and my association woth it from nursery to 12th std. Being a astudent of Apeejay commands so much admiration that it reinforces the statement made by our teachers :-‘Once an Apeejayite , Always an Apeejayite’