Apeejay School - Nerul
Apeejay School - Nerul
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Over the past 4 years of Engineering after school, I discovered myself as I understood what I am capable of and realised where my passion laid – “Theatre”.

My stint of 3 years at Apeejay is no different than an experience of staging a play. When I first walked through the gates of the school I wondered how this new stage (Apeejay) would be. Initially it took time to understand my Director (Teachers). Over the period of time, I learnt to work with them, understand what they expect out of me and strived in giving a performance to the best of my ability. This stage taught me to set standards for myself, always compete with myself and never believe that there is an end to achievements. My colleagues influenced me in ways that has crafted me to be the individual I am today.

Apeejay School made me the man I am from the boy I was and finally when I walked out of school after grade 12, I could happily take a bow and tell myself “GOOD SHOW”.

School life is never about studying and scoring marks solely. It’s about learning, whether it is music, art, dance, science, values, everything, and my school life was overflowing with such experiences. What a person learns in school – about science, history, economics, mathematics, it is all very important, but more than being a mere centre of providing knowledge, our school teaches us how to correctly apply that knowledge, and how to become an independent individual capable of making our own decisions.

There will always be a teacher, a mentor, a guru- someone who will teach us the value of honesty, the principles of hard work and the joy of giving. It’s true that we don’t understand it while in school but it makes complete sense when those cute little kids, walk out of their second home, to face what’s outside. That’s when one fine day, we all come back, to refresh our memories, and to show our gratitude to those who worked hard, so we could be better human beings.

Every enriching experience, every lesson I learnt, I owe it to my school. I shall keep trying:

“For Soaring High is My Nature,
Now and Forever”

As I look at the rush for admission at Apeejay School, Nerul each year, I am often forced to ponder –what’s so special here? Why Apeejay rather than the hundred-odd other schools in Mumbai that also impart education? Oops! I have already answered my question… Other schools do just that – impart education; as long as the balance sheet looks good, inculcation of values can take a backseat. And this is precisely the difference between Apeejay and other schools. The spark of inquisitiveness in an Apeejayite substantiates that. It isn't the physical location that makes Apeejay unique; it is the all-pervasive spirit of excellence.

Back in 1997, when I joined Apeejay, the whole campus looked a whole lot different than it does now. The morning assembly used to be held outside in the school grounds. The news and thought for the day would be written in the blackboard outside the hall (it's still there, with the Preamble now painted upon it). Initially, we didn't have CAL (computer aided learning) complete with computers and TVs in each class. Today, I can see lot of changes in the infrastructure and it's all for the good of the students.

Now, although the curriculum has changed, the fundamental attributes of the School still remain the same. The teachers at Apeejay remain as awesome as ever. I could never feel the transition from home to school when I joined because the teachers accepted and adopted us into the Apeejay family. Even beyond academics, they have always provided immense mental support to the students and have always motivated us to participate in extra-curricular activities. The cherished Scholar Badge, various awards and scholarships given by the school underline its steadfastness in motivating the students to excel in all fields. The school management seems to have created a culture where students are not taught for marks but for knowledge. The value system, the ethos are part and parcel of the school environment.

The very fact that somebody is reading this article today proves that even an ex-Apeejay student is given an opportunity to express his thoughts on the mega event of the school’s Silver Jubilee. Just like a family never forgets its members, whether near or away, the School has an equal connect with those who are, and also those who had been. Once an Apeejayite, you are always an Apeejayite.