Apeejay School - Nerul
Apeejay School - Nerul
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The Electronics Club organised various activities for the students. The students are shown a fire alarm, diode, triode, resistance, and household circuit. Students are shown the rheostat which is used to control the electrical resistance of a circuit without interrupting the flow of electric current in that circuit. Students make models like magnetism through electricity, potato clock, cars running on batteries, and portable doorbells. Students also made an apparatus to show that white light contains seven colours (VIBGYOR). The working of solar panels is explained and how the solar energy is converted into electrical energy and then used in various forms.

The students make a scrapbook with the latest and interesting information related to science and nature. A herbarium is made to collect leaves of common plants in their locality and preserve them. The technique of preservation is discussed and details like the scientific and common names of the plants and their medicinal /economic importance were also cited. A video on recycling materials is shown to give them an idea to come up with interesting methods of creating ‘best out of waste’. A video on Plastics gives them an insight about this wonder material but is now a menace. A debate was conducted on the topic ‘science and technology help in saving the earth from pollution’.

Dance is one of the very essences of all cultural programmes celebrated in the country. Dance activities instill in children the ability to free their minds of the past, to free their minds from future stage fears, and give them the courage to handle every situation.

The Dance Club organizes competitions in the school based on their standards such as Pre-Primary folk dance competition, Primary Folk Dance Competition, Senior Classical Solo Dance Competition, etc. The Dance Club members perform for the different festivals celebrated by the school like Republic Day, Founder’s Day, Diwali, etc.

Life Skills Club aims in all-round development of children involving the three Hs: head, heart, and hand. This Club helps in enhancing the capabilities of young children in developing an interest in artistic activities in addition to academic learning. Students learn skills like stitching, painting, and use of waste articles in making beautiful decorative items to enhance the creativity of students and help them to make the best out of waste. These activities sensitise children especially adolescents towards protecting Nature and reducing waste. The students learn to spread awareness among people about not wasting resources and the need for charity.

“Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.” - Leonard Bernstein

Music cleanses the soul, clears the mind, and rejuvenates the body. It is one of the most important things in life. It is the very essence of culture. Thus to inculcate the valuable art in our lives we have Instrumental Music and Singing Club. The Club plays a pivotal role in guiding children interested in music to participate in various programmes. It also organises a number of programmes and events throughout the year, on different occasions like Independence Day, Founder’s Day, Sports Day, etc. The captivating performance of the orchestra on the Annual Day is enjoyed by one and all. The many other activities from the Music Club:

  1. Chart Making: Students are told to make charts on their favourite musical instruments.
  2. Learning Synthesiser: The Music Club teaches the children to play the synthesizer.
  3. Learning Congo: The Music Club will teach children to play basic rhythms in the congo.
  4. Learning to sing as well as read musical notes: The Club helps the children to sing in synchronised manner as well as read Indian and staff notations.
  5. Western Music: Students are made aware of western music and musicians.