Apeejay School - Nerul
Apeejay School - Nerul
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To foster reading habits among the students and develop information skills, more than 60 students from classes VI to X have joined as members of the Club. Following activities were organised by the Club.

Being a part of this Club students get an opportunity to utilise their time effectively thus raising their level of knowledge. Reader’s Club introduced the students to the ideas of new authors, hence broadening their views on different issues.

This academic year began with more zeal and enthusiasm among the quiz club members. They conducted various types of quizzes to enhance their knowledge. The In charges also asked them to maintain a scrapbook which consisted of NIE questions, current affairs pictures, guess who, etc. The members strictly adhered to the activities chalked out by the Club. In September 2018, Umang and Abid participated in the YMCA BrainVita Quiz competition and bagged the first position. Once again, the team composed of Arnav, Nandini, and Kundan bagged the second position in the Rotary Club Seaside Quiz. Although we did not win many prizes this year, we hope to prepare in a better way in the ensuing year so that quiz performance improves. We budding quizzers acquire knowledge from various sources to compete in a sportive way. Hoping to bring more laurels to School, we work with the School motto in our mind ‘Soaring High is My Nature’.

Mathematics Club plays an important role in motivating the students to learn mathematics with interest and involvement. The Club provides the students with tricks to simplify and enjoy solving maths. Sudoku and puzzles garnered an enthusiastic response and the students used their grey matter to the best of their ability to be the first ones to respond. Further, the club also hosts frequent quiz sessions. The Club members are educated on the various mathematicians who made an indelible mark on the subject. Tangram kits are used to make different shapes like birds, lighthouses, and geometrical figures. Students also benefited from the Vedic Mathematics tricks taught to them.

Students are always very curious about scientific knowledge and facts. The main objective of the Science Club is to promote inquisitiveness and inculcate scientific temper among the students.

The first interaction with the Science Club students was the understanding of ways to find out food adulteration. Students perform various experiments on a variety of foods and fruits, the structure and working of the human eye, defects of the eye and cure for the same eye donation afterlife, etc. Students also prepare pinhole cameras to understand the formation of images. Students are also introduced to the concept of surface tension by performing some interesting experiments. To understand the concept of density students made a density column by using fluids of various densities. They understand acids and bases by using various types of indicators (litmus paper, phenolphthalein, rose, turmeric, etc.). They also made them aware of the uses of various chemicals at home for different purposes. Students shared various information about different planets and satellites in the solar system.

The role of the Thinkers Club in schools is to impart fundamental knowledge about the great thinkers of the world and how their thoughts and philosophies have instilled wisdom and brought great impact on society at large. The goal of this Club is to promote positive thinking and expand the intellectual horizons of the students. The Thinker’s Club has activities like reading biographies, collecting quotations, and preparing charts on some of the world’s greatest thinkers like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Rabindranath Tagore. These activities give the students in-depth knowledge of the contribution of these thinkers to the world and the positive impact they had on mankind.