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Adolescence Education Programme

Nerul, August 1, 2014: The AEP programme for the session 2014-15 began with a workshop on ‘Life Skills’ for the students of Class IX. It was conducted by Dr. (Mrs.) M.R. Shipley, Associate Principal, along with the nodal teachers, Ms. Samita Vij and Ms. Ritu Kapur. The students were taught about the applications of life skills such as thinking, social and negotiation skills in ones’ daily life. They were also taught how to take wise decisions in tough conditions and to manage oneself in a creative way. This programme made them comprehend that this is the time to take a step for them and say NO to peer pressure.

Keeping in mind the vulnerability of the youth of today towards substance abuse and increase in the number of addicts of tobacco, narcotic drugs & alcohol, the students of Class XI were given the opportunity to educate their juniors - Class IX on the harmful effects of substance abuse.

Nerul, February 4, 2014: The School organised a workshop on 'Thalessemia Awareness' which was conducted by experts from the Think Foundation which focuses on giving a major thrust to the cause of blood donation and thalassemia. The Think Foundation runs the only structured programme for prevention of Thalassaemia by creating awareness and providing a facility for testing of Thallasemia Minor. As part of their awareness programme, a lecture on ‘What is Thallesemia’, its cause and prevention was conducted for the students of Class IX and various myths regarding the same were clarified by the experts.

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Nerul, January 5, 2014: As part of the Thallessemia Awareness initiative, a free Blood Check-up for Anaemia was done for the students of Class IX in the school.

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Later, during the day, a session to make the students aware of the common adolescent health associated problems was conducted separately for girls which was presided by Dr. Anu Vij who is a practicing gynaecologist for the past 15 years. She gave a very informative presentation on ‘Adolescent Health and Hygiene’. The students were made aware of the benefits of eating right and exercising.

A question box session was held wherein the students put all their queries in a box which were then taken up and answered by the doctors.

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