Apeejay School - Nerul
Apeejay School - Nerul
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Adolescence Education Programme

Nerul, Feb 05,2016 : The School organised a workshop on 'Thalassemia Awareness' on 5th February 2016 which was conducted by experts from Think Foundation which focuses on giving a major thrust to the cause of blood donation and thalassemia.

Nerul, Jan 05, 2016 : In a fast-paced and fun environment, students learn about physical, verbal, cyberbullying, and social aggression, gender differences in bullying, and the critical role of the bystander. (Class V - 14th Oct, Class VI - 16th Oct, Class VII - 17th Oct & Class VIII - 5th Jan 2016)

Nerul, A ‘Health and Hygiene Awareness Workshop’ was conducted for girls of classes VII to VIII. The highlights of the workshop were as follows –

  • The aim of health and hygiene awareness was to create consciousness about maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness as well as ensure that the girls understood how bad sanitation practices can have a negative impact on their and their families' health
  • The teens were also told the importance of protecting their health and promoting their well being
  • To increase awareness with regards to the negative impact of bad sanitation practices on the environment
  • They were also counseled on personal protection in public places.