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Adolescence Education Programme

‘Life Skills’ was taken up by Dr. (Mrs.) M. R. Shipley, Vice-Principal, Apeejay School, Nerul for the students of Class IX. Through an interesting and thought provoking power-point presentation she highlighted life skills and their need in today’s world. Classroom situations were taken up for discussion. She re-iterated that the ‘feel good factor’ or boosting of Self Esteem of adolescents is very important. Application of life skills, methods of enhancing life skills and the role of education sector for life skills were taken up through brain storming and group discussions.

Life skills namely Thinking Skills comprising self awareness, problem solving, decision making, critical thinking etc were discussed. She said that teachers today have to be bee sensitized to the most important issue of today – our adolescents and they were convinced to give them roots – roots to know where home is and wings to fly away with conviction.

Health and Adolescent Programme was conducted in the school premises on 14th January 2010 for girl students of class VII. The main aim of the programme was to help the adolescent girls understand the problems faced at this age and how to tackle them efficiently. They were also guided about healthy food habits.

Awareness about issues which are the need of the hour to the youngsters who are about to embark on there journey to the outside world, were discussed. On this day, students of classes IX (A,B,C,D) had an inter class competition where presented their views on drug abuse in the form of a play, a song and presentation.

Their performances were judged by a panel of judges and the chief guest of the day, Dr. Kavita Vaidya - a practicing psychiatrist with a vast experience of 21 years.

A Question Box session in the end was held to clear their doubts and many of the myths associated with the teen problems. The students penned down their queries relating to biological changes in teens, educational stress and ways to cope with them. Their questions were answered by the doctor.

Vice-Principal , Dr(Mrs) M.R.Shipley then advised the students that the children today should have self awareness and be capable of taking decisions and make informed choices.

At the end class IX-D was judged the best considering its variety and content, followed by class IX-B and IX-A All the classes gave excellent performances, which moved the audience

The program emphasized the fact that the people who have got into substance abuse should not be looked down upon but they should be accepted and helped.