Jalandhar, April 21, 2024: The School recently hosted an 'Inter-House English Poem Recitation Competition' for the students of Classes III to V. The competition was divided into two groups, catering to the different age groups, with one group consisting of Class III students and the other group of Class IV and V students. The stage was set for the young poets to showcase their talent and express their creativity through the medium of English poetry. The Principal expressed her appreciation to all the participants and teachers for their dedication and hard work.

Jalandhar, April 22, 2024: The School organised a special assembly on the occasion of Earth Day. The event was graced by Ms Navsandeep Kaur Multani, Zonal Commisioner, Municipal Corporation, Jalandhar as Chief Guest. The enthusiasm of students was enhanced with a melodic performance by the school choir. The students spoke about the power of small actions to make a big difference in the fight against climate change and environmental degradation. They presented poem, thought for the day and ‘Earth News’ highlighting the recent environmental achievements and challenges from around the globe.

The position holders of Inter-House Poetical Recitation (English and Hindi) were facilitated by our honorable chief guest and Principal. As also, the students were given token of appreciation for portraying their art through poster making on theme of Earth Day.

Jalandhar, April 21, 2024: In the story session organised at Apeejay Rhythms Kinderworld, the teachers role played ‘The Little Mice and The Big Elephant’ to introduce the concept of big and small to the students. Also, the children engaged in a craft activity where they sorted objects by size, comparing big and small items. The materials used included paper cut-outs, blocks and toys to help them understand the concept visually and skilfully.

Jalandhar, April 21, 2024: Recently, students of Class VI A organised a special assembly on World Heritage Day. It was presented on the monthly theme ‘Being Appreciative. Pranay Jhanji presented a thought-provoking poem on appreciation. Jasreen showcased her talent by delivering heartfelt speech on ‘Being Appreciative’.

The students also participated in the activity: ‘Appreciating the helpers for their contribution.’ They took this opportunity to express gratitude towards the dedicated helpers of our school who contribute to its smooth functioning by presenting them with token of gratitude in the form of flowers and handmade cards.

Jalandhar, April 19, 2024: The School organised an 'Inter-House Hindi Poem Recitation Competition' for Classes VI to X. The event aimed to promote the love for Hindi language and literature among the students. Participants from different houses showcased their poetic skill and creativity by reciting beautiful Hindi poems. The competition provided a platform for the students to showcase their talent, express their emotions and improve their public speaking skill. The Principal extended her heartfelt appreciation to all the participants.

Jalandhar, April 19, 2024: The students of Classes I and II participated in Intra-Class poem recitation. It was an enthralling experience as the reciters focussed on articulation, expression and overall presentation. However, the primary focus remained on encouraging participation and fostering a love for poetry among students.

Jalandhar, April 17, 2024: The School recently organised a grand celebration in honour of Ram Navami. The event commenced with a captivating introduction delivered by a young student, Myra Seth setting the stage for the festivities. The arrival of Lord Rama, Sita Ji, Laxman Ji, and Hanuman Ji was met with resounding applause as the audience. The atmosphere was charged with devotion as a soul-stirring bhajan accompanied by a mesmerising depiction on stage. Also, a video presentation depicting key episodes from the revered epic Ramayan was followed by an engaging quiz, testing the attendees' knowledge and understanding.

Jalandhar, April 17, 2024: Glimpses of Class I and II students engaged in Intra-Class Calligraphy Activity.

Jalandhar, April 12, 2024 To instill courage, equality, service and spirituality in the students, a special assembly on Baisakhi was organised in the school premises. It began with invoking the blessings of Almighty through soulful rendition of Shabad Gayan- ' Divine Harmony' by Gurinder Shahi (Class IX) and Gunroop Singh (Class VIII). The poetical recitation was presented by Parmaarth of Class III and Partap of Class V followed by Speech of Aliya Kaul (Class VIII), who awakened the students about the day’s significance. To add on to the importance of the day a poignant portrayal through a skit 'Echoes of Sacrifice' on the Jallianwala Bagh massacre was done that depicted the bravery and sacrifices of the freedom fighters. The Principal congratulated the students for their efforts.

Jalandhar, April 9, 2024: The morning assembly was recently conducted by students of Class V A on the theme of celebrating individual voices. It was a celebration of the vibrant tapestry of voices that make up the school community.

Jalandhar, April 6, 2024: The morning began with an exhilarating and engaging aerobics session organised by Ms Mandeep and Mr Rajat Bhagat (Aerobics Trainer) hailing from the esteemed Generation Iron Gym. The exercises ensured that students were actively involved in a series of rhythmic movements and they not only revitalized their bodies but also invigorated their spirits.

A Dental camp was also setup for the students of Class I to V by Dr Pragati Mohindru, a highly regarded dentist. While, the Class VI to VIII students delved into a discussion about the essential nutrients required by the human body for optimal growth and development. The School had also organised a session with the dietitian. The range of activities, including the invigorating aerobics session, dental check-ups, nutritional discussions, personal anecdotes, and expert interactions, collectively served as catalysts in inspiring the students to embrace a lifestyle that prioritises physical fitness, dental hygiene, nutritious eating and overall wellness.

Jalandhar, April 5, 2024 The students presented an assembly on being appreciative. Further, an impromptu activity was also conducted for the students in which they were asked to express their impression for the first day of the school. Through their poignant write-ups, these students not only shared their personal reflections but also ignited a spark of gratitude that radiated throughout the entire school community. Their efforts were highly appreciated and recognised in the school assembly.

Jalandhar, April 03, 2024 The inaugural day unfurled like a vibrant tapestry of educational splendour, interweaving the strands of curiosity, innovation, and boundless ambition. From the captivating symphony of mindfulness activities to the kaleidoscope of theme oriented action plans, the School pulsated with the harmonic convergence of enlightenment and inspiration. The Principal addressed the students and motivated them to embark on this new journey with great zeal and zest, announcing the theme of the month to 'Be Appreciative.'

Jalandhar, April 02, 2024: Apeejay Rhythms Kinderworld recently organised an orientation programme for the parents of newly admitted students for the session 2024-25. A renowned paediatrician, Dr. Pooja Kapoor was the chief guest for the event. She counselled the parents and gave useful suggestions regarding child development in the foundational stage.

The programme was conducted to familiarise them with the school's ethos, policies, curriculum and various aspects of their child's educational journey. It aimed to create a sense of community and provide a platform for open communication between parents, teachers and school administrators. The parents were informed about the changes in NEP 2020 curriculum that sparked widespread discussions and analysis due to their potential to redefine learning outcomes, teaching methodologies, and overall educational objectives.

Jalandhar, March, 2024: The potluck at Apeejay Rhythms Kinderworld was a resounding success, leaving all students with full hearts and satisfied appetites. As we bid farewell to another school year, we carry with us the cherished memories of this special day, a testament to the bonds of friendship and the joy of coming together as a community. We look forward to many more potlucks in the future, each one an opportunity to celebrate the unique flavors and traditions that make our school family so special.

Jalandhar, March 22, 2024: At Apeejay Rhythms Kinderworld, computer colouring is not just a fun activity; it’s a valuable learning experience that promotes creativity, fine motor skills and technology literacy. By incorporating technology into our curriculum in meaningful ways, we prepare our students for the digital world while nurturing their artistic talents and enthusiasm for learning.

Jalandhar, March , 2024: With the robes and caps on, the outgoing UKG students of Apeejay Rhythms Kinderworld marched through the portals of their school, to attend their Graduation Ceremony.

Jalandhar, March , 2024: The School recently organised a picnic to Buddha Park. Our picnic at Buddha Park was transformed into playgrounds of imagination and laughter as children engaged in games like football, parachute activity, yoga, etc. Through friendly competition and cooperative play, friendships flourished and smiles abounded.

Jalandhar, March 10, 2024: Apeejay Rhythms Kinderworld, organised an open event, Cosplay - A Fancy Dress Event. The tiny tots and their mothers were dressed up as toothbrush and paste, Oreo, Amul milk and many more as the theme was ‘adevertisements’. Dr Sushma Chawla, a renowned Gynaecologist graced the occasion as Chief Guest. The children were enthusiastic about dressing up for the event and with the assistance of their parents, wearing their dresses gleefully explaining the importance of it and performing.

Jalandhar, March 10, 2024: Apeejay Rhythms Kinderworld celebrated Annual Sports Day- FunAthon. All the students and their parents were energetic and enthusiastic about participating in various sports events.