Our purpose is - For education to be accessible to all, we must remove the barriers created by traditional learning. Thus, we are providing hybrid classes or online streaming of physical classes. We realize that every student is different, and should have every opportunity to learn on their own terms, so we develop technology in line with new dimension of education to solve real problems now, and in the future.

At Apeejay School we have a clear vision and purpose to be recognised as a school focusing on high quality teaching. Our aim is to provide each student the best education and equip them with skills that allow them to contribute positively to their community and connect with a constantly changing world. We focus on our identified priority areas, consolidating our relationships and networks with parents and the broader community, and responding to the needs of our students.

Our strong commitment is to offer quality teaching and learning which draws on pedagogical practice that is data informed and evidence based and aligned to the NEP.

Once students enter middle school, they become focused on the single task of taking exams, losing all of their zest for life and learning. Guided by a 5+3+3+4 design, NEP 2020 framework ensures that creativity and thirst for learning beyond the syllabus are not lost.

The curriculum at Apeejay is designed as per the new National Education Policy (NEP) recommendations. Worksheets are designed by child development & pedagogy experts for kids in Grades 1-8, to help them build IQ through:

  1. Skill Focused Content Practice
  2. Questions Real Life Examples Condensed
  3. Curriculum as per National Education Policy 2020
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