A number of clubs and committees are formed in the beginning of the year. These clubs and committees are formed with an aim to provide exposure to the students to hone their hidden talent and hence help them to shape up their personality. The different clubs & committees functioning in the school are:

  • Quiz Club
  • Science Club
  • Literary & Debating Society
  • Fine Arts Club
  • Interact Club
  • Nature Club
  • National Integration Club
  • Performing Arts Club
  • Transport Committee
  • Hospitality Club
  • Computer Club
  • Health & Hygiene Club
  • Sports Club
  • Mathematics Club
  • Club for International Understanding

"Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls".

this thought in mind the school's Interact Club was installed. The activities of the club are planned to ensure not only the active participation of the members but also of all the students of the school. As part of fund raising activities, stalls of self made Rakhis and Diwali Diyas are put up by the interacters in the school premises. The money thus collected is sent for charity. Like wise other activities like visit to an orphanage and a seminar on drug abuse etc. is also on the agenda.

  • To enable and develop students to the fullest potential as responsible citizens, not only of the country but also of the world, the girls and boys of the school are members of the Girl Guide, Bulbul and Scouts Unit.
  • With an unflinching sight on the motto ' Be Prepared' the units effectively function with dedication throughout the year.