Kharghar, June 21, 2023: Apeejay School, Kharghar students celebrated 9th International Yoga Day as they attended a yoga session with great enthusiasm. The session was conducted by Mr Ram Palat Yadav - a qualified Mukhya Yoga Shikshak from Patanjali Yogpeeth Haridwar. The session included warm-up exercises and the students performed various asanas. Also, the importance of these asanas were explained simultaneously. The school faculty, staff and children were taught the importance of yoga and how to maintain the harmony between body & mind.

Kharghar, Dec 15, 2022: To enable students to manage the stress they face during exams, a workshop on ‘Stress Management’ was held at the School for Class X and XII on 15 December 2022. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Shilpa Siddhesh Parhar, Consultant Psychiatrist.

The main highlights of the seminar were the discussion on various types of stress faced by teenagers, stress relaxation therapy that could be followed and different stress management techniques.

Kharghar, December 08, 2022: Recently, our School organised a First Aid Workshop. The programme commenced with the felicitation of the special guest Dr. Arjun Rammoorthy (MD Emergency Medicine MBBS) and his team.

Dr. Rammoorthy briefed the students about the Basic Life Support (BLS) whereby they were taught how to check the response of a patient, call for help and the entire process was explained during the session.

Kharghar, Sept 06, 2022: The school organised a Health and Nutrition Week from 6 September to 9 September 2022.

Day 1:

Health and Nutrition week celebration started with Class XII Special Assembly which was conducted on 6 September 2022. Theme of the assembly was ‘Eat healthy, Live healthy’. Students tried to spread awareness about the importance of intake of nutritious food and to remind the audience to adhere to a healthy lifestyle through exercise and yoga practice. The students gave a speech, enacted a skit and performed an aerobic dance.

Day 2:

Class XI gave a presentation on the theme, ‘Health is Wealth’. The students explained how to arrange a ‘healthy plate’ with more vegetables and fruits along with a part of other nutrients. They covered various healthy lifestyle changes that should be practiced. Students conducted a quiz on health and nutrition.

Slogan writing and Poster making activity were conducted for Class IX and X. They expressed their concern majorly over malnutrition and obesity due to lack of exercise.

Day 3:

A speech was given by Class X Students on the topic,’ Stay Hydrated’ during morning assembly. Through the speech, the students explained the role of water and the benefits of drinking water.

Day 4:

Health and Nutrition week ended with a Vegetable Carving activity. Students had participated enthusiastically in the activity and showcased their talents by giving different shapes to the vegetables. To mention a few, Lord Ganesha from tomato, palm tree with carrot and capsicum, crocodile with bitter gourd etc. Health and Nutrition week celebration was a successful and an enriching experience for the students.