Kharghar, Sept 06, 2022: The school organised a Health and Nutrition Week from 6 September to 9 September 2022.

Day 1:

Health and Nutrition week celebration started with Class XII Special Assembly which was conducted on 6 September 2022. Theme of the assembly was ‘Eat healthy, Live healthy’. Students tried to spread awareness about the importance of intake of nutritious food and to remind the audience to adhere to a healthy lifestyle through exercise and yoga practice. The students gave a speech, enacted a skit and performed an aerobic dance.

Day 2:

Class XI gave a presentation on the theme, ‘Health is Wealth’. The students explained how to arrange a ‘healthy plate’ with more vegetables and fruits along with a part of other nutrients. They covered various healthy lifestyle changes that should be practiced. Students conducted a quiz on health and nutrition.

Slogan writing and Poster making activity were conducted for Class IX and X. They expressed their concern majorly over malnutrition and obesity due to lack of exercise.

Day 3:

A speech was given by Class X Students on the topic,’ Stay Hydrated’ during morning assembly. Through the speech, the students explained the role of water and the benefits of drinking water.

Day 4:

Health and Nutrition week ended with a Vegetable Carving activity. Students had participated enthusiastically in the activity and showcased their talents by giving different shapes to the vegetables. To mention a few, Lord Ganesha from tomato, palm tree with carrot and capsicum, crocodile with bitter gourd etc. Health and Nutrition week celebration was a successful and an enriching experience for the students.

Kharghar, Aug 29, 2022: The school celebrated National Spots Day on 29 August 2022. All the students of Classes IX, X, XI and XII, clad in their pristine white PT uniforms rallied across the streets in the vicinity of their school. The students marched forward in the Cross Country Race. It was led by the head boy, Dirshak Patro, the head girl and the sports captain, with the banner of National Sports Day and the prestigious flag of Apeejay School.

Principal Madam, Mrs Katdare and the senior coordinator of the school, Mrs Meenakshi Tiwari, flagged the commencement of the event.

The local authorities as well as the local police gave us their full support for the smooth functioning of the entire event. The students along with guards and the teaching staff smartly marched forward with slogans.

The grand event was followed by a practice session on hockey for the students.

Kharghar, Aug 25, 2022: An Inter-house Science quiz for the senior group was conducted on 25 August 2022. The quiz had four rounds and each team comprised four participants. All students participated enthusiastically. Audience rounds also took place which enthralled the students who attended the competition.

Kharghar, Oct 22 & 23, 2020: The ATSE exam for classes IX to XII was conducted on 22nd and 23rd October 2020 from 7:45 am to 12:50 pm. This exam consisted of four papers for each class. 20 students participated from classes IX-XI and 11 students participated from Class XII.

The session was conducted smoothly with two invigilators on the Zoom session. There were no technical issues faced by any of the students during the online session. The exam was also constantly monitored by the Head Office on an hourly basis to maintain the sanctity of the exams.