Kharghar, Aug. 23, 2019: The birth of Lord Krishna was celebrated by the Pre-Primary Wing of the School. The celebration of ‘Dahi Handi’ was performed by the city with great enthusiasm. Students traditionally dressed up as Radha and Krishna performed a dance, while others assembled around the courtyard to experience the event. It was an enjoyable function for the students as everyone danced and sang to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna.

Kharghar, Aug. 2, 2019: The Pre-Primary Wing of Apeejay School, Kharghar, organised a fun-filled rain dance wherein the sweet earthy smell, the tiny droplets and then the splash of rainfall made all the children enjoy the true flavour of the monsoon season. The vibrant and colourful raincoats added a spectacular sight to the activity. This theme-based activity was a success as all the teachers and students danced to welcome the rain with high spirit and enthusiasm.

Kharghar, July 23, 2019: The Pre-Primary Wing of the School organised a fantastic Magic Show which helped the children to settle in the new environment. All the students were mesmerized to see the magic tricks of the magician, especially when he called upon the students to be a part of every act he performed. This added more fun and excitement to the show. All the 400 students were thrilled to see the wonderful tricks like turning a flower bouquet from a stick, taking out meters of ribbon from his ears, etc. Children travelled to the world of imagination and fun.

Kharghar, July 19, 2019: 350 students with 12 teachers went for a field trip to the neighbourhood, as part of the School’s plan to visit different places of worship, fire station, police station, bus stop, railway station, hospital and departmental stores so that they get to know the importance of helpers of our society in our day to day lives. Students also visited the places of worship like the Gurudwara, Mosque, Temple, and Church. Overall, it was a well recommended trip and an enriching experience, especially for the students which helped them to know their surroundings better.