Kharghar, Aug. 29, 2022: Theme based monthly activity -WATER was conducted on 29 August 2022 to make children aware of `Uses and Sources of Water'. This was done with the help of 3D projects made by the students.

This year, Diwali was observed in our virtual classes, with a slightly different approach.

Our children were made to save up to Rs 200/- each that they used to curate special Diwali hampers. These hampers included sweets, namkeen, and other festive munchies, and were then distributed amongst community workers.

The introduction of numeracy with the help of identification of numbers, counting, sorting and comparing, matching by attributes, understanding number patterns, etc. is done by the Pre-Primary children with the help of the teacher's guidance.

Number skills are also enhanced with the help of quizzes and games.

Festivals and celebrations make our children develop the value of togetherness and fellow-feeling by understanding the culture, traditions, and practices of all our states and communities. By celebrating festivals across all communities and groups, our children learn to respect each community and maintain peace & harmony together.

Community lunch is also practiced in the School that helps the children to learn the values of sharing & caring.