Apeejay School stands majestically on a spacious six-acre campus in New Jawahar Nagar amid lush green lawns and fragrant flora. It presents an ideal and idyllic environment for the pursuit of knowledge and students’ overall development.

Apeejay Infrastructure2

The School is equipped with a huge, fully computerised library with over 16,000 books covering various topics. The books are available in different languages like English, Hindi and Punjabi etc. The library also provides the facility of magazines to the students. There are 31 magazines covering topics from Science to Computers to Current Affairs. The School subscribes to 11 different newspapers in different languages.

The school is having an Amusement Park for small kids coming to the Pre-Primary section. It is equipped with a Toy Train and many Play Stations. Every day one period is allotted for the Amusement park to let the small kids enjoy themselves while learning.

The school is also equipped with a full-fledged Toy Room having different kinds of toys ranging from dolls, puzzles to battery- operated cars, jeeps and bikes. It also has a small movie theatre to show different educative movies and cartoon films.

Apeejay Infrastructure6

The school is equipped with state-of-art computer labs with multimedia dual Core computers using hi-tech audio-visual aids like LCD and Home theatre. The school is providing Computer Aided Learning from Pre-Primary onwards in accordance with C.B.S.E.

Apeejay Infrastructure5

The school has a Science Park which hosts a group of Science Models that depicts the use of scientific principles in daily life and makes the students understand the principles in a very easy manner. All the classes from VI to X have been allotted one period in a week

The School has well-designed and fully equipped Science Laboratories (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) for Class X to XII and a General Science lab for young scientists in making. These labs provide a proper environment for the building of scientific temper in children.

A commodious and fully air- conditioned Auditorium with a capacity to accommodate more than 500 people. The hall stands witness to the blossoming of the hidden talents of the students.

The school has a fully-equipped M.I room with all the medicines & equipment and facility for beds in case of any student falls sick.

The School employs a full-time counsellor to meet the emotional needs of the students.


The School has provided several buses for the students to commute from far off places. Further, the buses are also deployed for enabling the students to commute for various competitive events in and around the city.

Keeping pace with the 21st century skills of creativity, innovation, critical thinking and social and cross-cultural collaboration, Apeejay School has established Atal Tinkering Lab wherein young minds shape their ideas through hands-on do-it-yourself mode.

The School is furnished with a spacious 'Dance Room' where students are trained in different dance forms thus enhancing their memory, order and sequencing skills.

The School is well-equipped with an English Language Lab to help the students expand their command over spoken as well as written English. Separate headphone and a mic is provided to each student for privacy and personalised learning.

The School has carved a niche for itself in sports. The young players have proved their mettle on the National platform in sports like Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Basket Ball and Chess.

The school has a huge Football Ground, a well-cemented Basket Ball Court, Volley Ball Court and an indoor Table Tennis & Badminton courts.

The School is accoutered with a 'Pretend Room' wherein the students get a first-hand experience which shapes their knowledge, examines their actions, their thought process and even their emotional responses.