Jalandhar, March 29, 2024: Our little buds of Pre-Primary wing had a gala time as they watched magic show, learnt table manners and etiquettes. They also enjoyed story time, movie show and tapped their feet to the beats of music. Here we are with a kaleidoscope of a journey of fun and learning.

Jalandhar, March 28, 2024: In a sensitive and age-appropriate session led by our school counselor, the students from Nursery to Upper KG were introduced to the concept of "Good Touch and Bad Touch." The primary aim was to empower students with knowledge and awareness about safe and unsafe physical interactions. Using age-appropriate language and visuals, the counselor engaged the students in a discussion about different types of touches and their feelings associated with them. Students gained awareness of their personal boundaries and learned to differentiate between safe and unsafe touches.

Jalandhar, March 27, 2024: Our little ones enjoyed a variety of fun activities like puppet show, science experiments, dance etc. Not only this they also enhanced their creativity and made various craft items. These activities highlighted the diversity of perspectives on happiness not only within the class, acknowledging that joy can be derived from a variety of sources and activities too.

Jalandhar, March 26, 2024: The campus turned out so vibrant and colorful as the hues of Holi were spread all over with the zeal and fervour of our little ones celebrating this festival. It was a treat to watch these young ones dancing, enjoying holi and playing with flowers and colours.

Jalandhar, March 19, 2024: It was an enlightening day as our young learners from Classes I to IV embarked on a journey to the 𝐉𝐚𝐧𝐠-𝐞-𝐀𝐳𝐚𝐚𝐝𝐢 memorial at Kartarpur. The students witnessed the valor and sacrifices of the Punjabi community in India's independence which was truly inspiring.

Jalandhar, March 14, 2024: A thrilling Adventure Camp was organised for Nursery to Class VIII students. It was an unforgettable experience, from zip lines to tug of war battles and hopscotch challenges, our students embraced every moment with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Whether mastering the commando crawl or conquering new heights, each activity sparked excitement and camaraderie among our young explorers. Through this exhilarating journey, they not only honed their motor skills but also created memories to cherish forever.