Apeejay School Achievements3Apeejay Students have rewritten history this time, on the global stage by emerging as the undisputed winners in the International Space Settlement Design Competition at NASA’s Johnson Space Centre, Houston, Texas.

The Apeejay team, Jalandhar comprising of 13 students and 2 teacher Advisors on clearing the first 3 qualifying rounds went on to compete in the final lap with seven other competitors, three from India and four from USA and Australia.Apeejay teamed up with Whitney High School, California and were given a proposal to Design a space settlement for 10,000 people on the surface of Mars.

The names of the winning team members who have placed Apeejay, Jalandhar on the world map are: Harleen Kaur, Kanika Puri, Ankit Singhal, Arvinder Mohan Singh, Sourabh Chopra, Ankur Mahajan, Anroop Singh, Hardeep Singh, Mohit Thukral, Rohan Sardana, Aseem Handa, Varun Ahuja and Sandeep Aggarwal. The teacher Advisors are: Mr. Emmanuel Ratnaraj, Physics Lecturer and Mr. Neeraj Kohli, an alumnus of the same school.