School Achievements


The school’s team comprising Palak Saini, Anuj Dhawan, Pernika Sharma and Eshita Gupta won the second position amongst 20 schools at the Nationals held at Bangaluru in December 2012.

  • "It is the supreme art of education to awaken joy in creative expression and creative knowledge". The school has always endeavoured to realize this goal by drawing out the hidden potential and tapping the untapped talent in children through a slew of activities and opportunities.
  • Anoop Tiwari and Vaidhisha Chatterjee brought glory to the school for being selected by the children film society of India to play lead role in the first ever produced Punjabi film "Sajre Phul".
  • A Few years back Ribhav Pasricha of IX actively participated in professional plays "Kumar Swami" and "Adhar Shila" and played the lead role during Sangharsh 2000 Drama festival winning applause. 

Apeejay School Achievements1This year our team of Space Scientists rewrote history, on the global stage by emerging as the undisputed winners in the International Space Settlement Design competition 2008 organized by ISSDC. Apeejay team defeated teams from countries like Australia, Canada, USA, Pakistan, Uruguay, and Romania through their determination, hard-work, practice and ability to work under stress.

The winning team members are: Mohit Thukral, Karan Jain, Abhisaar Sharma, Karan Sumra, Khushboo Sewak, Bhavya Gupta, Samarth Batra, Prabal Partap Singh, Venika Aggarwal, Shreyak Sharma, Rishi Dev Arora and Samant Khanna. The two teacher advisors accompanied the team are Mr. Emmanuel Ratnaraj (Physics Teacher) and Mr. Yogesh Gupta (Computer Teacher).