The students of the School stage the Ramayana over a period of five days every year. The children of Gayatri Gyan Mandir were the special invitees for the event. They enjoyed the theatrical presentation immensely and appreciated the students for staging it for them.

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Story Telling

Once in a month, 50 students of the School visit the Gayatri Gyan Mandir carrying fruits, sweets and confectioneries for the children there. These fifty students are representatives of each section of the School. These students are rotated every month so as to give everyone an exposure to and an opportunity to uplift those in need. Students spend quality time with the children there, talking to them and sharing their own experiences with them. These visits have proven to be very effective as the students have undertaken follow-up visits along with their parents and have thus extended the welfare work to the home.

On their last visit to the orphanage, the students noticed that the children were wearing slippers and wanted to donate shoes to them since winter was setting in. In order to make them feel special, the students wanted to give them new shoes and not discarded ones. A project was undertaken called ‘A day’s pocket money’ wherein the students had to voluntarily sacrifice one day’s pocket money which would be used collectively to procure new shoes for the children. Al of the hundred children at Gayatri Gyan Mandir were gifted a pair of shoes each.

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Shoes Donation

On the occasion of World Food Day, the students of the School voluntarily donated at least one glass of rice that would be collected and distributed for the families of the children at the orphanage. On 22nd November 2013, the students and staff donated 200 kgs of rice and 100 kgs of pulses for the families of 100 underprivileged children.

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Distribution of Rice & Pulses