Greater Noida, May 04, 2022:The school had organised Sambhav Outreach Programme on 4th May 2022. Students successfully donated the clothes and dry food items to all the children of the Human Touch Foundation.

Name of the orphanage adopted                     :           Gayatri Gyan Mandir
No. of children involved in the programme    :           500
No. of students benefitted                                :           100 per month


A school is an integral part of the community and must play a dynamic role in taking the community forward. A progressive school will make inroads into the community to contribute to the welfare of the society. It is our paramount duty to sensitise students towards the plight of the underprivileged and to encourage the students at a young age to work towards their upliftment. Only if there is direct involvement by the students that they will be able to empathise with those they seek to help.

The Apeejay Education Society stands committed to the cause of value-based education and the home & school work in tandem to inculcate the desired values in the students.

School’s Community Outreach Programme in Education (SCOPE)

The Apeejay International School, Greater Noida has a very active societal contribution programme called SCOPE - School’s Community Outreach Programme in Education. Under this programme, in which all the students of the school are actively involved by rotation, a large number of projects have been undertaken with respect to old age homes and environment enhancement. However, of significant mention is the work done every month by the students at a local orphanage that we have adopted. This orphanage was adopted by the school nine years ago and is visited by the students every month with the purpose of encouraging education; storytelling; contribution of clothes, etc. It has been a humbling and enriching experience for all the students and teachers involved in this project.

A brief listing of the activities done by the students is given below:

  1. Book donation to encourage literacy.
  2. Distribution of stationary items e.g. copies, pencils, colours & crayons, slates and chalk to encourage literacy.
  3. Donation of rice and pulses.
  4. Distribution of fruits to encourage healthy eating.
  5. Sacrifice of one packet of chips to purchase stationary for the children of the orphanage.
  6. Clothes donation.
  7. Shoes donation
  8. Recycled old newspapers - Toys distribution
  9. Spending valuable time with the underprivileged children.

A compulsory self-defence workshop for all girl students of Class V onwards and all the lady teachers of the school was conducted over a period of fifteen days in the School. Mothers who wished to attend were also welcomed to be a part of this venture. The instructors were specialists in the art of self-defence and have been responsible for the training of the Black Cat Commandos & have conducted such workshops in several leading colleges of New Delhi. Our School was one of the first in the region to take this initiative. A Karate Club has also been set up in the school.

Every year the students of the School create their own nursery of winter flowers. These saplings are then distributed free of cost to the members of the community. Every year, lakhs of saplings have been taken by factories and industrial houses, office complexes, residential societies, homes, schools and other institutions. Within the school too, each student is the proud owner of a pot that he/she takes care of. The School campus has also been beautified and maintained by the students themselves.

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