NOTE : Saturday Events take the form of a guest lecture / workshop / seminar / visit and are compulsory for the students of Std. IX to XII. They are intended to give the students into the working world and to the students a wider perspective to education.

S.No Date Name of the Events Teacher Responsible
1. 29.04.17 Child Exploitation Ms. Arti Sharma
2. 06.05.17 Workshop on Role of NGO Ms. Rubon Sinha
3. 15.07.17 Interaction with an Eminent Music Personality Mr. Pankaj Baitha
4. 29.07.17 Careers Changing Trends after 10+2 Ms. Maninder Kaur
5. 05.08.17 Interaction with a Senior Defence Official Ms. Rekha Kadian
6. 19.08.17 Awaken Your Life Force and Quiet Your Mind Mr. Upender Sharma
7. 07.10.17 Workshop on Ethical Hacking Ms. Sandhya Singh
8. 18.11.17 Traffic Safety Workshop Mr. Manoj Kumar
9. 02.12.17 Communication Skills for Success Ms. Nidhi Gupta
10. 16.12.17 Workshop on New-Century Music Education Mr. B.S.Sarkar
11. 30.12.17 Adolescence Ms. Rekha Kadian
12. 20.01.18 How to choose your ideal career in commerce Ms. Neha Sondhi
13. 03.02.18 Stress and time management Ms. Mita Sen Gupta
14. 17.02.18 Dental Care by Doctors of ITS Ms.Seema Sharma