Uddayan is the bi-annual newsletter that has the reflections of the news about the school that include celebrations, projects , house tallies, inter school competition results etc.

Every year the school publishes the following:

  1. Uddayan – Bi-Annual Newsletter-

    Uddayan is the bi-annual newsletter comprising varied news about the school including celebrations, projects, house tallies, inter-school competition results, etc.

  2. The Kestrel – In-House Newspaper -
  3. The Kestrel is an in-house newspaper that is published every quarter to update the students as well as their parents with all the activities and achievements of the students.

    Download Kestrel (2017)

    Vol.5.1    Vol.5.2     Vol.5.3

    Download Kestrel (2016-17)

    Vol.4.1    Vol.4.2     Vol.4.3     Vol.4.4

  4. Words-Worth - In-house English literary paper comprising poems written by the students.
  5. The Phoenix - The School Magazine
  6. Abhivyakti - In-house Hindi Literary Paper