Greater Noida, Nov 9, 2021: Morning assembly undoubtedly holds the numero uno position out of all the routine activities in a school. It aids community participation as well as hones the skills of children on account of healthy competitive spirit between different groups.

Keeping up with the same and to make the students aware of traffic rules the students of classes IV-IX & XI conducted their special VIRTUAL morning assembly on 6th December 2021, on the topic ‘Road Safety’.

'Seek safety, Aim safety, Follow safety, Ensure safety, Teach safety, Yield safety' is what safety entails. Road safety is an issue of prime concern to all. Road catastrophes can happen to anyone, whether they are pedestrians, rickshaw drivers, or automobile drivers.

To make the students aware of traffic rules, the special virtual assembly was conducted by Aanya Garg (Class XI), followed by a talk given by Ayushi (Class XI), a presentation on the golden laws of traffic regulations was presented by Manan Tyagi (Class XI) followed by awareness videos on traffic rules. Vedant Deopa (Class XI ) read a vow of safety. The message - SAFETY COMES FIRST - was well communicated by the children during the assembly.

Students were sensitised on the issue to make them responsible road users. The purpose of the assembly was to instill a sense of respect for one's own and others' lives, as well as the awareness that each life matters, inspiring students to act responsibly on the road and making Indian roads the safest in the world.