Greater Noida, July 22, 2022: It was a sweet and juicy morning for the tiny tots of our school when they delightedly entered the school premises to celebrate Mango Day on 22 July 2022.

Children were wearing yellow dresses, brimming with excitement and relished the yummy summer fruit. The day started with a prayer, a short speech by the teacher about the king of fruits, MANGO—followed by some interesting facts about the fruit. Pre-Primary students performed on the rhymes and poems which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Teachers gave information about Mango wherein they understood the reason behind why it is known as the king of fruits. They were enlightened that it was not only because of its flavour and fleshy yellow colour, but also because of the nutrients it provides. They enjoyed the celebration and received a beautiful handmade takeaway, thus making the day memorable for them.