Greater Noida, October 20, 2014: The students of the Apeejay International School staged the Ramayan over three days (17th, 18th & 20th October). The timeless epic was divided into five episodes to be depicted by each house – Satya, Lakshya, Shakti, Dhairya and Seniors. The School has always believed in making children learn through experiences. The staging of the Ramayan gave participants the opportunity to understand the divinity in the triumph of good over evil.

The first episode comprised the birth of Lord Rama, his childhood days and his marriage to Mata Sita. These were beautifully enacted by the students of Shakti House. The whole premise was re-sounding with the chanting of Shlokas and Chaupais.




The second episode which comprised of Kaikayi asking for two boons; Lord Rama’s exile; the golden deer episode; the arrival of Ravana in the guise of a sage; Mata Sita’s abduction and Lakshman humiliating Shroopnakha were very well presented by the students of Dhairya House. The costumes and the atmosphere made the audience recreate that era.



The third episode witnessed Satya House’s presentation where Jatayu sacrificed his life fighting with the powerful demon king, Ravana; Shabri offering berries; the mock fight between Bali and Sugreev; crowning of Sugreev and Hanuman Ji going to Lanka.



The fourth episode’s presentation done by Lakshya House comprised Hanuman Ji destroying and burning Lanka with his fiery tail; Meghnath injuring Lakshman; Hanuman Ji lifting the entire mountain; the awakening of Kumbhakaran and the arrival of Vibhishan. The well-knit script, the powerful screenplay by the characters kept the audience mesmerised and left them with lot of religious zeal and fervour.


The grand finale was the fight between Lord Rama and Ravana which epitomised the victory of good over evil. The highlight of the event was the burning of a 20 feet effigy of Ravana made by the students and the return of Ayodhya and the celebrations thereafter in the form of Tarangini – The Annual Musical Evening.