Greater Noida, January 25, 2021: Apeejay International School, Greater Noida, virtually celebrated India's 72nd Republic Day with a great brilliant display.

The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity and patriotism. The program started at 8:00 am with the welcoming of the Chief Guest, Major Veeraj Chandra, an alumnus of the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, and commissioned in the Regiment of Artille

The Chief Guest addressed the gathering. In his speech, he emphasised that a nation is not defined by its location and boundaries but by the people and the dream they have of making their country great. He emphasised working hard till your weakness becomes your strength. He also said that a patriotic person is one who truly believes that his/her actions will make their country a better place. You all can be patriotic people by asking a simple question “does this act of mine make my parents proud?” and if the answer is ‘yes’ then this act will make your school, parents, and country proud.

In the cultural program, a video on ‘Incredible India’ was shown, followed by a skit – My India, My Pride, in which our Fundamental Rights were explained. The street play (Nukkad Natak) stole everyone's heart. It was followed by a patriotic song, an instrumental performance on the significance of the occasion. The power and energy exhibited by the students assured them of a brighter and brilliant future ahead.

The School Principal, Dr Sarita Pande, also addressed the gathering and thanked the Chief Guest.

The program was concluded by taking a pledge and singing the National Anthem.