Greater Noida, May 9, 2015: Students made their moms feel very special by their Mothers’ Day celebration wherein the programme commenced with a Kathak dance presentation by Kriti Naren of Class VIII. The students of Class I welcomed their moms with the song ‘O Mommy, this is what I say’ and Paridhi Gupta & Yashica Shanker of Class IV showed their gratitude with the song ‘Thank you, mom’. The school choir also thanked the grandmothers for their unconditional love and patience through the song ‘Grandma, we love you’. The junior school band, ‘Liliput’ paid a passionate gratitude with their song ‘O Ma’. The senior school band, ‘X-Origin’ appreciated the mothers in their song ‘Thank you, mother’.

Students admired their mothers for the strength and determination that inspires them to pursue a better life. Various games were also organised, to add fun and frolic to the celebration, such as Bowling, Aim the Marble, Blow the Cups, etc. Mrs. Bulbul Nohwar, mother of Sonya Nohwar of Class V said, ‘This is one of the memorable and best times spent with the children. They have made us feel proud by presenting such a wonderful programme, kudos to them.’ The students also made beautiful cards for their mothers on this occasion. The School Principal wished all the mothers present there and also thanked everyone who had worked towards making this day a success.